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Mysteries of Ancient Egypt James Jones

No description

Jaci Howard

on 4 May 2016

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Transcript of Mysteries of Ancient Egypt James Jones

Mysteries of Ancient Egypt
by: James Jones
Slaves were usually prisoners of war. They might have built the pyramids. But, they could own land, marry, or even employ servants. Slaves were usually captured from war. A lot of the slaves were home servants. 80% of all the slaves were called peasants. Even kids were property of the owner. Slaves were given to nobles and things.
Duties of a Slave
Duties of a Farmer
Farmers live in mud-brick homes. Windows were up high. Floors were made of dirt. Farmers cooked in tiny ovens powered by cattle dung (poop). Men and boys irrigated crops with a tool called a shaduf. Women baked bread, brewed, and spun and wove thread to make many different items. Working for the government was called corvee duty. Farmers that had more money could pay their way out of service. Farmers who did have to to work, did big things like pyramids and temples. They grew wheat, barley, figs, melons, pomegranates, vines, flax, and grain, the most important crop.
Interesting Facts
Duties of an Egyptian Merchant
These are some interesting facts about Egypt. These are from the book, You Wouldn't Want to be an Egyptian Mummy. People used hooks to pull the brain out of a dead person's nose. Mummies ground up were used for skin ointment. And last, mummy arms and legs were used as torches sometimes. These next ones are from: Top 10 Worst Things About Ancient Egypt. Egyptians brushed their teeth with twigs. A cut was used to take out your organs when you died. It takes 15 days to mummify someone. These facts are from the book, The Egyptians. Washing clothes was dangerous because of the crocodiles in the Nile. Scribes wrote the entire day. Sometimes, Egyptians wrote right to left, or up and down. These come from the website: Ancient Egypt. Once, egyptians buried dead bodies in the sand without mummifying it. There were about 80 pyramids in Egypt. The pharaohs were called "Lord of the Two Lands"sometimes. These last facts are from Ancient History Encyclopedia. One temple was carved into a cliff. The name 'Egypt' came from Greek. Alexandria was founded by Alexander the Great in 331 BCE.

Merchants were middle class in Egypt. They were traders and would barter. Some goods would be fish, sycamore figs, drinking cups, cloth, and beverages, drink, and doth. They would carry things such as papyrus, gold, jewelry, and linen cloth. They would live in middle class houses with flat roofs that they would sleep on when it was hot.
Duties of a Scribe
Scribes were men in ancient Egypt who were allowed to read and write. They would write all day. If people wanted to be a scribe, they would have to attend a school. They wrote down information that we later found. It helped us learn about Ancient Egypt.
About Language
Egyptians used a language called hieroglyphics.
They were pictures that were written by Egyptians. There were many ways to write them throughout the ages. They could represent an animal or syllable. Now they are used for letters.Egyptians were not literate, but scribes could read and write. They usually were the only ones who wrote hieroglyphics. The Rosseta Stone was very helpful. We learned a lot about Egypt from it. It was found by a French soldier. There were two types of other types of writing that the Egyptians used. Heretic writing was meant to be written fast. Demotic writing is also fast.
Duties of a Soldier
The soldiers were actually not fighters. They were farmers called to war. To be a soldier, there was training. Your hair would be cut. They used many weapons, such as maces, bow and arrows, swords, daggers, slings, spears, and axes. They would also ride into battle on chariots.
Life of an Egyptian Soldier
Egypt could not have gained an empire without soldiers. At first, soldiers were not rewarded well. But, later, soldiers were paid better. They would get gold and land. Choosing to be a soldier was a good move in career, yet life was hard in war. Soldiers were only allowed to eat what they had carried. They could be walking for days. After Egypt defeated the Hyksos, they had learned to make better weapons. They used spears, swords, and steel daggers. Archers were most feared of the soldiers. They would send piercing arrows through the air at high speeds which could kill warriors.
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