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Delicious Korean Food ^.^

The Korean food is very delicious, but is a bit piquant...! ^_*

Kathy Villafañe

on 16 April 2013

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Transcript of Delicious Korean Food ^.^

The Korean food is a tradition in South Korea Korea is a farming country, that has produced rice
as their staple food since ancient times. The Rise The Korean rice is more glutinous
than the South East Asian rice. The Korean kitchen
is very variety Is based on vegetables, fish, meat and all kinds of hot sauces that accompanying the rice. As the Gochujang Main dishes of Korean food are... The "Kimchi"
(fermented piquant cabbage) The "Doenjang"
(fermented soybean paste) The "Jeotgal"
(salted fermented seafood) The "Ramen" (Noodles) The "Kimbap"
(Rice rolls) I've always watched the "Korean Doramas"
and I've seen like cooking those delicious food. Kim Hyun Joong cooking Kimchi
"FIGHTING" ^_^ But my favorite recipes always have been I saw a dorama called "Flower Boys Ramyun Shop" And was very funny... Now going to learn to do a delicious Ramen Ingredients:
•One package Ramyun
•One jar of tender corn
•One tomato
•One red onion
•One carrot
•One sprig spring onion
•One sprig coriander
•One sprig celery
•One cabbage leaf
•One clove garlic
•Two cups water
•Salt to taste
• first put to boil the two cups of water with half of the envelope that brings the Ramyun.
• For the stew, sting the tomato, the red onion, the celery, the chives, the coriander and grate the carrot.
• Second put all the ingredients in the pan, add the corn, the garlic, the other half of the envelope that brings the Ramyun, a little oil and salt to taste.
• Third put the Ramyun in the boiled water, cook for three minutes, add the stew and cook for three minutes more. Let cool and serve. Preparation: Here Super Junior are eating ramen with strawberry END
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