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Megan Cardenas

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of NUCLEAR ENERGY

Economic Benefits Obstacle 1 Goal Start By: Grace Z, Sam P, and Megan C Advantages and Disadvantages •Nuclear energy provides around 14% of the world’s electricity. What Is Nuclear Energy? History of Nuclear Energy Advantages- *Nuclear plants bring jobs and prosperity to a town or country
*It provides the world with most of its electricity
*Its good for the economy

Disadvantages- *Nuclear power plants are very expensive to build *Storage and management of dangerous radioactive waste. *Nuclear waste dumps are combusted without warning. bonus Nuclear energy is held in the strong force holding the protons and neutrons together. It is released by fissionable material, that is material with the ability to fission, occurs in some heavy elements. NUCLEAR ENERGY Nuclear Energy is an atomic energy: the energy released by a nuclear reaction. The 104 nuclear units in the U.S. generate domestic economic value in electricity sales up to - $40-$50 billion each year with over 100,000 workers contributing to production. 4 points The person who discovered nuclear energy was Enrico Fermi. The science of atomic radiation, atomic change, and nuclear fission was developed from 1895 to 1945. Nuclear energy can be found most any where that matter exists. The sun is powered by nuclear energy. It can be recovered by the process of nuclear fission which releases heat which is then used to raise steam for a turbine. How Nuclear Energy is stored and released Nuclear energy is a non-renewable resource
because, when you use uranium and the nuclear fission,that stock of uranium is limited. NON-RENEWABLE INTERESTING FACTS: Nuclear energy is being used in more than 30 countries around the world. SOURCES:
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