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Progressivism: Suffrage

No description

Matt Baker

on 1 November 2018

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Transcript of Progressivism: Suffrage

Progressivism: Suffrage
- Notebook
- Pen/Pencil
- Laptop

I can describe Women's Suffrage

Table of Contents
Page: Women's Suffrage

Take 2 minutes to discuss Chapter 6 of Great Gatsby

Gatsby Quiz:
- 12 minutes
- Complete sentence
- Explain answer
Women's Suffrage Context
- Politics long considered a man's game
- Women too frail, emotional
- Women "moral guides" of house
- Women get active in reform groups
- Temperance
Carrie Nation on Hulu
Women's Suffrage
- Women protest for the right to vote
- 2 camps
- Susan B. Anthony
- Alice Paul
- Some women resist
- Believe their role is at home
Women's Suffrage
- Women get right to vote with 19th amendment
- 1920
Work Time
- Finish your Progressive reformer resume & questions
Speed Date
1. Sit across from someone
2. Stay in character
3. Tell them about yourself
4. Decide if they are a good match
a. Can you PROGRESS the country?
5. Once you meet everyone, choose the best person for you
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