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English Project

Cover Ups research

Samantha Myers

on 12 May 2010

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Transcript of English Project

Government Cover Ups Its happening all around us. It seems like every other day, another official gets caught trying to lie to the American people. But these people, the good old politicians and government workers have made lying an art form.
Cover ups happen when a person or group does not want the public to know about something because it is embarrasing or could risk their career.
Now you can learn how to make your very own cover up! What you need to know. Key words and phrases used by politicians during a cover up and how to cover all your bases including getting the media on your side.

Lesson One: Key Words People who are trying to hide something tend to use specific language. They use a stern tone with clear concise language articulating each word. Most people would see this as just trying to make a point, but when you connect the dots you can see that it's clearly a sign of lying. Watergate Incident Nancy Pelosi and Waterboarding Pelosi said she did not know about waterboarding in CIA investigations, but there are several accounts saying that her and other political figures toured CIA facilities, and that these figures were made aware that Waterboarding might be used. Pelosi tried to lie because she knew that waterboarding was tourture and the release of this info would outrage the American public. Clinton- Lewinsky Scandal Key words: “We were not, I repeat, we were not told that waterboarding or any of these other enhanced interrogation methods were used.” It was rumored that Bill Clinton had sexual relations with a woman named Monica Lewinski during his presidency. It's unclear if these allogations are true, but it sure seems so the way Clinton adresses the situation.

Key words: “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Monica Lewinski, not one time.”

In his adress to the public Clinton emphesises certain words, like not, and tries to make his point quickly, finishing with, "I need to get back to work for the American public." Lesson Two: How it's done (the media) In many case the media is either knowingly or unknowingly envolved in goverment cover ups. The government can pay off news papers or channels to tell only what they want the people to know. Truth About Vaccines Robert F. Kennedy Jr. speaks out about the vaccine cover up happening in America. He gives evidence of the Simpson-Wood memo, a secret manuscript of the event of the secret meeting between the CDC and members of the vaccine industry. In the meeting they were tring to find out ways that they could cover up the fact that murcury in the vaccines is creating a generation of sick Americans.
They created phony studies that cleared the vaccines of being dangerous, and now an organization is trying to uncover the truth and link the vaccines to such disorders as autism.
Theses industries did this to dodge the blame for illnesses of our generation and so that they can keep earning money from the vaccines. The Media After 9/11 News stories back up the coverage of flights 93 and 77 and don't begin to question the lack of evidence until much later. There is no evidence of plane crashes in these areas because the planes "vaporized" from the jet fuel fires. After the attacks the media liberally used the word "terrorist". The over use of this instilled fear in the American people so that their outrage of the attacks would mask the questioning of why many security protocals were overlooked. Loaded words in the media (words with heavy emotional impact) are an important tool to use in cover ups! Will the lying ever end? Probably the only way to stop the cover ups would be to fall into anarchy. This isn't a very good solution, so the best we can do is to try and uncover the lies and encourage honest behavior in the government Now let's see what you.ve learned! Members of the Nixon administration broke into the Watergate office complex . Nixon tried to cover his tracks and eventually had to resign to gain control of the audio recordings taken in the oval office that could have incriminated him.
In his famous speach his key words were: "I am not a crook."
This was ground breaking because no one had ever concieved before that the President would be a crook!
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