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Happy Birthday from All Over the World J!

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Transcript of Happy Birthday from All Over the World J!

Dearest JR,
People now say that life begins at 50! So here I raise and toast to your great beginning...Cheers cheers to a life full of fun, success and love. Celebrate life, dear friend!
Mita Vancouver, Canada Pia, Andrei & Anton Happy Birthday JR! For your birthday, we are taking you on a trip around the world... Singapore Boston, USA Happy Birthday from All Over the World Janet!!! Shanghai, China Happy 50th birthday to one of the most caring and thoughtful people that I know. I want to be just like you when i turn 50...young at heart and looks :-) I will not be there to celebrate it with you, however, I am sending you 50 virtual hugs across the miles.
Doyet Jakarta,
Indonesia My dear JR,

Happy birthday to you my dear dear friend! Time goes by so fast and I am just so happy and really lucky that I met you years and years back DTI days. You are one of the few people who has influenced me in so many ways, and I am glad that you chose to stay close to me through the years and and make me feel you're there when I need you. You are God's gift to people and you deserve all the blessings God sends your way through other people as well. I wish you more happiness, more love, and peace. Take care and have a happy happy birthday!
Ting Cricket happy birthday JR
with so much love
from around the world! Love,
Mita, Ting,
Pia, Andrei, Anton, Cricket, Doyet, VJ & Anna please play video on lower right! :) Dearest Janet,

Happy birthday to a truly Golden Girl!

I am thankful and feel blessed that you have been a part of not only my life but of Becca's as well.

During the time we worked together I have seen how self-giving you are. I witnessed how much you have given for your family. I can imagine that you are the favorite tita of your nephews. And you are the same with your friends, being there when you are needed. Always offering a ride to Sta Lucia.

You have also been a mother hen to all of us in the office. Checking up on us, seeing to it that we have the support required to get the work done. You have helped me in my proposals and even in my client meetings (going all the way to Binondo so that we could buy some hopia at the end of the meeting).

But of course you also loved shopping, never missing any tiangge days and sharing to everyone your interesting finds. Plus the importance of accessorizing. whether small dangling earrings, bangles, scarves or shawls.

Thanks for being a blessing to us. I'm sure you will make the 50's more fun.

Anna happy 50th birthday! i am happy to be part of 1/5 of your life. thank you for the love, encouragement and guidance of you have given me in the past 10 years of my life. you have really been an inspiration. and im glad to have you as a colleague, a boss, and most especially a friend.
VJ please play video on upper left! :)
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