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No description

Noldi Vives

on 18 March 2015

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Transcript of TRAILSMextesolmodificable

3-5 hrs
Unit Overview !
Dimensión Cognitiva
Language Trail
Writing trail
Topic trail: Vocabulary
Listening trail: listening comprenhension
Language & Learning trails
Cross curricular
Real English
Writing trails: Preliteracy skills
Echo reading
Cloze reading

Pre literacy skills activities
Fun activities
Moves from controlled to freer
Preschool & Primary

Spiral approach through it's different levels
Combines social practices of the language with an interactive text-rich linguistic program (story and content based units)
Sequential activities (step by step lesson plans)
Practice the four skills (motor & communication)
Critical thinking
Integrated team project (consolidation)
The student..
is actively engaged in age-appropriate, meaningful tasks
is given multiple opportunities to practice and explore the language
feels comfortable, speaking, reading, and writing in class
Consistent steps for guided reading
Can Do Assesments (preschool) and Learning Logs (Primary)
Review Games: 1 every two units preschool, one after every unit primary
An exam per unit with Answer Key (oral & written)
Picture Dictionary (LT - 2°), Glossary (3°- 6°)
Special Days (LT - SB) (TP - WB)
Little Trails Components
For the student
Activity Book
For the teacher
Teacher's Guide
Fact Book
Class CD & Online Resources
Unit Structure
Topic Trail
Language Trail
Listening Trail
Reading Trail
Learning Trail
Personalize it!
Real English
Writing Trail
Game Trail
Trails Plus Components
For the student
Student's Book
Teacher's Guide
Class CD & Online Resources
Work Book
For the teacher
Follow the TRAILS to effective language learning
Story Book
Picture Dictionary
Topic Trail Language Trail Listening Trail


Reading Trail Learning Trail Personalize it!


Real English Writing Trail Game Trail

Learning Log
Introduce topic and vocabulary
Practice of the language
Practice the mechanics of the language
Fun board game to practice the language
Develop Literacy Skills
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