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IOP English - Fly Away Peter: Jim's Journey

No description

Yuen Yee Wan

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of IOP English - Fly Away Peter: Jim's Journey

Journeys CONCLUSION Chapter 1 - 4 Before WWI Themes > Storyline
Binary opposites in Jim’s journey
Continuity vs. Discontinuity by David Malouf WAR PEACE Fly Away Peter Chapter 5 - 8 "The war did come" p.36 Chapter 9 - 11 Before Battle Lines Chapter 12 - 14 Battle Lines Chapter 15 - 18 Resolution TITLE
Fly Away Peter Two little dicky birds sitting on a wall,
One named Peter, one named Paul.
Fly away Peter, fly away Paul,
Come back Peter, come back Paul! Peaceful atmosphere
p.1 “All morning, far over to his left where the light of the swamp ended and farmlands began…” Beginning of journey
p.5 “Jim’s a new man”
p.20 “If Ashley discovered Jim, it was Jim who discovered Miss Harcourt, Miss Imogen Harcourt.”
p.29 “So they became partners, all three”
p.32 “They looked at him in a new light and with a respect he wouldn’t otherwise have been able to command.”
Character pre-war
p.24 “’Me,’ he replied foolishly, as a child would”
p.26 “He was awkward, he had dignities.”
p.6 “…in his father a kind of savagery that Jim kept at arm’s length…because he didn’t want to be infected” p.33 “they moved…so transiently across his lands” Effect on people
p.42 “The loose excitement…sweeping everything before it. Sleepy Brisbane! It might be Paris or somewhere…”
p.37 “I reckon you’ll be joining up…in a last moment of innocence. It hadn’t even occurred to him.” Unused and unprepared for change
p.37 “He felt panicky.”
p.42 “Is this what it will be like from now on? …Will I get used to it?”
p.37 “…tilted in the direction of Europe, in the direction of the events, and they were all now on a dangerous slope.” Development
p.43 “…nursing the beginning of a moustache.”
p.57 “If he didn’t go, he had decided, he would never understand...why his life and everything he had known were so changed”
p.58 “...as if a line had been drawn between the past and what was to come, the two parts of his life, and he could look at all that other side clearly now that he was about to leave it.” New world
p.59 “The world Jim found himself in was unlike anything he had ever known or imagined.”
First taste of violence
p.64 “Jim was surprised by the black anger he was possessed by and the dull savagery he sensed in the other man…he came closer to his father’s nature at that moment than he had ever thought possible.” p.70 “vast numbers of men engaged in an endeavour…of which he, Jim Saddler, was about to become part.” Acceptance of War p.60 “Clancy was just the opposite.”
p.73 “Jim relented. It was, after all, their last night and the immediate future was unpredictable.”
p.73 “It was what he saw in Jim that was most likeable and attractive.” Development through Clancy p.60 “In real life, in Australia…”
p.62 “But more reassuring than all this…was the presence of the birds” Connection to Home p.110 “the inversion of all that was normal”
p.93 “it’s me, you mad bugger. Jim. A friend!” p.83 “…a whole corpse lurched out of the wall and hurled itself upon him.”
p.86 “Clancy had been blasted out of existence.”
p.87 “That was how the war first touched him…”
p.107 “It wasn’t that violence had no part in what he had known back there; but he had believed it to be extraordinary.” p.94 “Listen Wizzer…we’ve got t’ get outa here and find the rest of the platoon.” Permanent change
p.142 “Everything changed. The past would not hold and could not be held.”
p.124 “Astonished that he could hold all this in his head at the same time and how the map he carried there had so immensely expanded.” p.126 “… a coarsening of the grains out of which his flesh was composed, and their gradual loosening and falling away”
p.127 “the bandage seemed endless…It would stretch halfway round the world. To the Coast. To home.”
p.128 “I am in the wrong place…I don’t belong here. I never asked to be here. I should get going.”
p.133 “…off in the woods the birds started up.”
p.135 “We’re digging through to the other side…” Return to nature, earth and home p.135 “He knelt and dug.”
p.140 “his own being that was just then so very like the birds, alert, unique, utterly present.” Continuity Exposure to Violence and Death p.110 “A grave it must be…but it wasn’t a grave.”
p.111 “…to keep hold of himself and of the old life that he had come close to losing, he went back to his notes.” Reminder of identity Moral code Foreshadowing of War
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