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Marketing Plan for a New Candy


Quyen Do

on 9 May 2014

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Transcript of Marketing Plan for a New Candy

Marketing Plan for a New Candy
Product Development Manager

•Product: Koibito Chocolate
•Slogan: A Casual Japanese Restaurant and Café
Product: Koibito fresh Chocolate
Company name: Quyenleigh

Quyen Do & Kalleigh MacCormack

•Description: Handmade, fresh, different from normal chocolate, soft. Mixed with green tea
•Competitive: Healthier (less sugar), different, good for a gift.
Marketing Research Manager
Market share

+Global Market Share: 14.6%
+Best-Selling Candies: M&Ms, Snickers, Milky way
+Etc: Snickers was named after the Mars family's favorite horse in 1930

 +Global Market Share: 12.6%
+Best-Selling Candies: Nestlé Crunch, Butterfinger
+Etc: Just bought Kraft's frozen pizza business and said it wouldn't bid for Cadbury
+Global Market Share: 8.3%
+Best-Selling Candies: Milka
+Etc: Milka's mascot since 1901 has been a purple cow

 +Global Market Share: 7.3%
+Best-Selling Candies: Ferrero Rocher
+Etc: The Italian company is known for its chocolate-hazelnut spread Nutella

+Global Market Share: 6.9%
+Best-Selling Candies: Cadbury Creme Egg
+Etc: Cadbury became solely a confectioner after spinning off its beverage business in 2008

+Global Market Share: 6.7%
+Best-Selling Candies: Hershey's, Hershey's Kisses
+Etc: America's milk chocolate pioneer has been considering making an offer for Cadbury

+Target Market: Adults, mostly female and married with children. Late 20s and up. Good for an easy and unique gift. Less fat and sugar than normal chocolate, plus the benefits of green tea.
+The product is currently being sold in Asian countries and big cities, such as Toronto. Move this chocolate to more provinces and states to increase sales. Because it’s fresh chocolate, it cannot be sold or eaten two days prior to being made. Sell in grocery stores with specific “Best Before Dates” of two days later. Can also be sold in Restaurants and coffee shops. Also create more factories to make this chocolate to increase the online sales.
Commercial Pricing Manager
+ How it would be sold: Koibito chocolate is packaged in a box with the logo on the front. It is a slab of chocolate cut into smaller squares, much like fudge.
+ Selling price is $15 - $20 per box. The price is higher because it is homemade and fresh chocolate, made with only the finest ingredients from Japan.
+Strengths: Healthier, different, good.
+Weakness: Can only be made from Japanese ingredients, only stays fresh for two days, expensive.
+Opportunity: Is only being sold in Asian Countries and bigger North American cities, if opened in smaller cities, such as Moncton, it can create a bigger market and also bring more interest and culture to the cities that sell it.
+Threat: Other cheaper chocolate is available. Less supply.
Advertising and Promotions Manager
Koibito chocolate is a fine, delicate combination of fresh Japanese ingredients, available as plain chocolate or with a hint of Green Tea. This chocolate differentiates itself from other chocolate makers with its healthier and fresher ingredient alternatives. Let our chocolate melt in your mouth.
Commercial example
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