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Downfall of Romeo and Juliet

The path that leads to the downfall of Romeo and Juliet.

Steve Bloom

on 9 May 2011

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Transcript of Downfall of Romeo and Juliet

Juliet Romeo Their downfall Party Kiss Meet on the Balcony Marriage Does not get letter Romeo chooses to drink poison Tybalt is slain Romeo is bannished Juliet drinks potion The two houses fight Romeo and Juliet's downfall begins when the two houses, Capulets and Montagues, fight. They cannot be together for their families sake. #1 The Fight #2- The party The second part of Romeo and Juliet's downfall is when Romeo attends to the mask party. This leads to them meeting each other and falling in love. Two lovers unite #3- The Balcony The next event that leads to their downfall is when they meet on the balcony. They become even more in love and tell each other that they don't care about their families names. #4- The Marriage One of most important event is when they get married. They show their love despite their names and are bound forever together. #5- The Murder Tyblat's murder is very important to the downfall of these two lovers. This leads to bannishment of Romeo and showing that they can never be together. #6- The Bannishment Romeo's bannishment is a major event in Romeo and Juliet's downfall. Since he is bannished, they cannot see eachother or be together and that makes Juliet drink the potion. #7- The Plan This event is also a major one. When Friar Lawrence and Juliet set up their plan, things go awry. #8- The Note Romeo fails to recieve the note but still recieves word that Juliet is dead. If he had gotten the note, then they would have lived happily ever after. #9- The Suicide The last event. Romeo goes to Juliet's body and kills himself moments before she wakes up. When she wakes up to his dead body, she kills herself. End of Romeo and Juliet Go to http://bloomenglishclass.blogspot.com/ and do the assignment on this play
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