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Entrepreneurs for Change

No description

Mattie Benedict

on 6 April 2016

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Transcript of Entrepreneurs for Change

Schedule Overview
for Change
Thank you for
joining us today!
Who is your Counselor?
How do I afford a
Roberts education?
What do I do next?
Financial Aid
Hastings Center: Josh
Cox Hall: Beka
Smith Science Center: Steve
Pearce Church: Shetara
Northeastern Seminary: Nate
Cultural Life Center: Linda
How will Roberts help
me get a job after
How about
financial aid?
What kind of academic programs does Roberts have?
What are the
dorms like?
What is a class
at Roberts like?
Is the food good?
What's the spiritual
life like?
Mayor Lovely Warren
SAT scores: 1060 - 1190

ACT scores: 21 - 27

High school GPA: 3.4

College GPA: 3.0
SAT/ACT scores
(Freshmen only)
Letter of Recommendation
Schedule Overview
& Board:
98% of our students receive Financial Aid
Engage on campus
Social Media
Talk to your Admissions Counselor
E-mail professors with questions
for Everyone
The legacy lives on...
Debunking Myths
Dr. Deana Porterfield

Myth #1:
Going to a community college saves time & money.
Myth #2:
Going to a public/state college saves time & money.
Myth #3:
Most students are $100K in debt when they graduate from college.
Myth #4:
College graduates cannot get jobs.
93% of our graduates are employed

96% of employed graduates are working
in jobs related to their major

Top 25 Safest Schools in the U.S.A.
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