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Medal Of Honor: Myah Ramirez & Anusha Bandyopadhyay

No description

lib hist

on 10 September 2015

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Transcript of Medal Of Honor: Myah Ramirez & Anusha Bandyopadhyay

First air force member to receive the MOH
Received the award for saving the life of another pilot.
Earned a Silver Star the day before while flying support for the same battle.
He was a POW
Exposed himself to the enemy's view
Sergeant major
Fought in the Vietnam War
Selected and assigned to the United States’ most elite Counter-Terrorist Force.
Cavaiani and Rubin were both captured as POW's
Rubin and Stein both tended to the wounded
Cavaiani and Stein both exposed themselves to the enemy's view during battle*
Medal Of Honor: Myah Ramirez & Anusha Bandyopadhyay
Tibor Rubin
Holocaust survivor who emigrated to the United States (originally from Hungary)
Known for single handedly defended a hill for 24 hours
Captured by the Chinese who offered to send him back to Hungary . He refused.
As a POW he helped others who were also captured to get food and medical attention.
Exposed himself to the enemy view/ line of fire.
Charged towards pillboxes while simultaneously shooting
During combat, he took off his helmet and boots and made 8 separate trips to get more ammo and assist the wounded
Tony Stein
Bernard F. Fisher
Jon R. Cavaiani
The Congressional Medal of Honor
Originally intended for navy personnel
The MOH is awarded by the Commander in Chief of the armed forces (the President)
Only one woman has received the MOH (Mary Edwards Walker)
Created for the Civil War (became permanent decoration in 1863)
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