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No description

Austin Little

on 28 August 2018

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Transcript of BottleBack

Explanation of Visual Techniques - Part 1
Intended Target Audience
Technology parts and accessories (phone and computer based) are made for a main age group of 18 - 35.

Reasons why:
People who will be affected and will care the most about the condition of the environment
Most likely to make a change or be influenced
Understand the most about this issue and will likely spread this information through social media
Products created will be made to appeal the most to these types of people

Description of the Company
We will include:
Colourful and modern visuals to appeal to the younger generations to advertise product
Dark colours and lighting to show pollution's damage to the world with high modality graphics to show the reality facing us
Waste shown within the advertisement will be displayed as unattractive in a point of salience
What is BottleBack?

Why is it unique?

What are the environmental benefits?
BottleBack Co.
Changing the World, One Bottle at a Time
By Harry Andrea, Will Kwon,
Austin Little and Daniel Ryan
Visual Techniques Part 2
Use of demand
connection between the viewer and the product

Key Theme
The personal guilt of harmful actions contrasts with hope to make future changes
18 - 35
Effect of colour usage as scenes that look more positive to a viewerare in colour, forming a stronger bond.
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