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Medical Tourism

No description

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of Medical Tourism

Right turn Consultants Pvt. Ltd.
Medical Tourism in Philippines

What is Medical Tourism?
Recommendation & Conclusion
Overall good potential
Establish tie ups with accredited hospitals (Pg.20 of the report)
National Health Departments like the NHS can also be targeted
Weaknesses and Threats need to managed
Needs effective marketing
Customers must be given an all inclusive package
Introduce the concept of medical tourism
Investigate the Medical Tourism industry in the Philippines
Establish a background of medical tourism in Asia
Identify the market size and competitors in Asia
Give recommendations to establish operations in the Philippines.
It Involves people traveling from one part of the world to another seeking medical care. (Connell 2006)
Types of Medical Tourists
"Price Sensitive" Patients

"Quality Sensitive" Patients
Factors influencing the growth of medical tourism
Inflating costs of health care and Long wait lists in developed countries
Development of facilities, technology and skills in destination countries
Affordable airfares
Favorable exchange rates
One of the fastest growing sub-sectors of tourism
According to Mintel (2013) the niche in Asia was worth US$100 billion in 2012
Asian countries have developed a market for "Price sensitive medical tourists" .
Thailand, India and Singapore hold 80% of the global market share.
Market Trends in Asia
Tourists: 920,000-1.2 million in 2012
40% of the Asian medical tourist market.
World’s most visited and tourist-friendly nations
“Sex Changes”, or Sex reassignment surgery (SRS) cosmetic surgery
Bumrungrad International Hospital
Tourists: 150,000-400,000
Health care sector worth US$35 billion
Inexpensive and high-quality medical care
National health policy encourages medical tourism
Trains over 20,000 new doctors every year
Apart from the Philippines, English is one of its official languages
Apollo Hospitals group
Tourists: 400,000-610,000 (70% from Indonesia & Malaysia)
It is one of Asia's wealthy countries and is known for its cleanliness, safety and efficiency.
Asia’s more expensive destinations
Cancer surgery and Women’s Heart Health Clinic
Tourists:396,000 (over 80% from Indonesia)
Six internationally accredited hospitals
Medical expertise is ranked among the best in the world
South Korea
Tourists: 81,000
Most scientifically advanced countries
Cancer surgery, plastic surgery and robotic surgery are excellent
Source: Patients beyond borders,2012 (Mintel, 2013)
Medical Tourism in the Philippines
Medical tourism started in 2004
The Philippines Medical Tourism Plan(PMTP)
HEAL - Health and wellness Alliance of Philippines
Major proportion of inbound tourist arrivals
Low-cost and high quality medical care
The Market
Medical tourists in 2009: 100,000
Average Spend US$2000 each.
Increased in current value by 18%, raising to Ps.72.7 bn.
Medical Services
Stem Cell Therapy
Diagnostic and Laboratory Technologies
Eye care
Aesthetic, Dermatologic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
Dental Surgery
Rehabilitation Medicine

Please refer Pg.32 of the report
for further information.
Major Service Providers
St. Luke's Medical Center
Makathi Medical Center
Asian Hospital
National Kidney & Transplantation Institute
Philippines Heart Center
Post operative recovery or combined holidays
Well developed holiday destination
Hotels, Resorts and Spa's
Post operative care available
SWOT Analysis
Quality health care
Price advantage
Qualified, English-speaking health and tourism professionals
Captive market consisting of the Filipino balikbayans
Proximity to the pacific and micronesia
Tropical climate
Environment and culture
Well developed holiday destinations

• Lack of strong brand recognition abroad
• Long and costly international travel
• Lack of portability of insurance plans among OECD medical tourists
• Downside of a strengthening peso
• Administrative barriers to entry in LGUs.
• Lack of coordination

• Improving global perception of the Philippines economy and tourism
• Continued aging of the population in originating countries, thus increasing demand
• High-cost care in advanced countries
• Exploiting various segments
• Government commitment to PPP
• Intense competition
• Lack of price transparency
• Slow prosecution of medical malpractice cases and lack of malpractice framework for cutting-edge procedures
• Pre- and post-operative risks of combining health + holiday
• Potential crowding out of domestic poor patients and other adverse equity effects
• Natural calamities
Right Turn Consultants Pvt. Ltd
Vishal Sudhakar
Xun Yang
Xintong Dai
Jingkun Xiao
Please refer to pg. 4 of the report.
Secondary data analysis
Market research
Mintel reports
Euromonitor International reports
Deloitte report
Government websites
Journal articles
(Mintel 2013)
(Mintel 2013)
(Euromonitor international 2013)
(Mintel 2013; Euromonitor International 2013)
(Mintel 2013; Euromonitor International 2013)
CONNELL, John (2013). Contemporary medical tourism: Conceptualisation, culture and commodification. Tourism Management, 34 , 1-13.
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(Please refer to Pg.6 of the report.)
Please refer to pg. 11 of the report.
Please refer to pg. 12 of the report.
Please refer to pg. 14 of the report.
(Philippines Institute for Development Studies 2013)
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