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Business Etiquette and Culture Of Zimbabwe

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Ammar Akbani

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Business Etiquette and Culture Of Zimbabwe

Blessed Be The Land Of Zimbabwe Unity, Freedom, Work Business Etiquette and Culture Of Zimbabwe The population of Zimbabwe is 12.5 million. 68th largest population in the world.
The Official language of Zimbabwe is English the other native languages spoken are Shona and Sindebele.
The religious cults in Zimbabwe are the following Christianity compromises of 75% of the population the rest are offshoot Christian sects, animist, and Muslims.
National Anthem: "Blessed be the land of Zimbabwe". The name of the country is Zimbabwe. It is slightly larger then Montana.
The capital city is Harare and has a population of 1.5 million people.
Other Important Business centers in the country are Masvingo, Marondera.. etc.. The currency of Zimbabwe is the Zimbabwe Dollar.
One Zimbabwean Dollar is equals to 0.003 Canadian Cents. So 1 CAD $ is equals to 400 ZWD!
The Government of Zimbabwe faces abundance in economic problems.
The government's reform program, characterized by violence and death has damaged the the commercial farming sector leaving the economy in a pandemonium.
It was Zimbabwe's traditional source of export and foreign exchange and the provider of 400,000 jobs. It turned Zimbabwe into a huge importer of food products.
Until early 2009 the the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe routinely printed money to fund the budget deficit,causing hyperinflation.
The power sharing government formed in February 2009 and made economic improvements.
The economy registered its first growth in a decade! CULTURAL ETIQUETTE
In Zimbabwe a firm handshake with the right hand is the most common form of greeting.
Hugs are reserved for family and friends.
In rural areas a handshake with the right hand followed by a small step backwards with a simultaneous slight genuflection when each person claps softly with cupped hands.
In some rural areas women kneel down and clap to the men, the men respond using a traditional clap.Sticking the tongue out to anyone, especially an elderly person, is considered very rude.
Making a ‘hissing’ sound or other sounds using the mouth is bad form.
Licking the lips whist staring at someone of the opposite sex is an obscene gesture.
Speaking to someone with your hands in your pockets can be viewed as rude behavior.
History and Recent Significant Events
Zimbabwe derives its name from historical stone structures called "Great Zimbabwe" (houses of stone), the largest in Africa after the pyramids of Egypt
In 2009 Zimbabwe's power sharing government took hold of the country, and made a turn for the better as the economy and people's lifestyle improved. Morgan Tsvangira (current prime minister) shaking hands with Robert Mugabe who was the leader of the nation since 1980 and finally in February 2009 agreed to have a democratic government. He still remains president and has high influence over the countries decisions.
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