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Before Humans Went Animals

No description

kathleen karam

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Before Humans Went Animals

How It Affected History.
If we were to take a moment to think about how far we come in our knowledge of space its pretty amazing, animals were a great help in the exprolation of space.
Tested the survility of space.
Tested radition in high altitudes
Affected political veiws in people.
Before Humans, Animals Went
Latest News of Animals in Space
The latest news of people sending animals into space is when Iran sent the following animals.
a mouse, two turtles, and some worms.
they sent them into space for the 31st anniversary of its revolution. The animals were sent on the Kavoshgar 3.
All of the animals were returned safely to Earth.
How it progressed our knowledge of space
It allowed mankind to expore space with out some of the risk.
We learned if space was suitible for the human body.
If radition in high altittudes would be harmful.
We also did bio experiments in space.
DId you know?
Space monkey "Baker" rode a Jupiter IRBM into space in 1959
One of the space dog's puppies was given to Caroline Kennedy.
The first tortiste was launched into space on september 14th, 1968.
In a span of ten years the Soveit Union launched 57 dogs into space.
How It Affected politics
It affected politics when Kennedy decided that we should stop sending animals.
Thats when he formed the group of astronuts.
He didnt know what to do because he had some people saying animal cruelity and some were saying why waste the lifes of these brave young men.
THe First Astrounut, who flew the freedom 7 in space made it home safely.
Ham the chimp returning from his flight getting the signture handshake.
Laika was the first animal sent into orbit.
THE END!!!!!
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Miss. Rangel
My brother
My mom and dad
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