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Hurricane Katrina

No description

Haley MacCormac

on 23 April 2015

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Transcript of Hurricane Katrina

Out of all these individual experiences there is a human experience:

Harrowing events such as Hurricane Katrina expose aspects of ourselves and humanity that we never knew existed
morality and value system
Abdulrahman Zeitoun
Owner of painting and contracting company

Father of four children

Decides to stay to watch over properties, "a home is worth fighting for" (page 70)

Zeitoun's Experience
Paddles around the city in a canoe
Rescues multiple people and feeds dogs

Directly experiences both racism and dehumanization through interaction with a corrupt police force

Strains relationship with Kathy
Suffers from PTSD but feels hopeful about future

How do these experiences compare?
Well supplied- able to travel throughout storm, find purpose throughout storm
Experience immoral and almost inhumane events
View the authority's hypocrisy, cruelty, and inability to establish order
Role of racism - both direct and indirect
Extent of conditions - dehumanization
Exposure of values, morals, principals
Jason Fraude
22 year old carpenter, resident of New Orleans' Lower Garden District

Chooses to stay because he "wanted to see the force of mother nature up close" and felt prepared for it

Stays in second story building with friends Steve and Coy

Jason's Experience
Rides bike around the city

Filmed the destruction
Takes in a CNN reporter

LOOTING- Rob's Market, Walgreen's, Wal-mart
Police hypocrisy/corruption

Not directly affected by racism - but expresses racial tension
"This is not a black guy. This is an older white guy that looks totally legitimate, just straight up losing his mind"
The "Katrina Experience":
Abdulrahman Zeitoun and Jason Fraude
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