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Colonial Maryland

The colony of Maryland

Katherine Craig

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of Colonial Maryland

Katherine Craig Colonial Maryland Founded in 1634 by George Calvert The colony of Maryland Reason for founding Religious freedom for Catholics Religion Catholics were publicly harassed; weren't able to practice religion in public Majority: Protestant
Minority: Catholic The Toleration act was a way of providing protection for catholics Toleration Act George Calvert
(Lord Baltimore) Southern Colonial Region ~Agriculture: corn, wheat, rice, and indigo
~Manufacturing: shipbuilding and ironworks
~Main crop was tobacco
~Main cities were Baltimore and Annapolis
~the tobacco was a mix of a good supply and the least good supply but the price was the same therefore Maryland’s economy suffered. people wanted the best tobacco supply but didn’t receive it. this caused the Tobacco Inspection act of 1747 Economy - you might have gone to a public or private school, just like you would today. But what you learned and how you learned it have changed through the years
-Schools were generally small.
-kids were taught trade
-their meals were often the same from day to day
-women who came to Maryland, were most likely servants, their main jobs were working around the house and occasionally worked with the men out in the field.
-corn was one of the most important foods eaten by colonists. Daily Life Representative Government: The citizens choose their leader to make decisions and the laws Government -Maryland had a representative government
-It was in the Southern Colonial Region
-The main crop was tobacco
-The majority of religion in the colony was protestant
-The economy was mainly agriculture and manufacturing
-Founded by George Calvert in 1634 Summary What are the key aspirations people have in this particular colony?? One key aspiration is religious freedom for Catholics.
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