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Music production/ Sound engineering

No description

Brodey Newman

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of Music production/ Sound engineering

As you can see, a music producer and sound engineer is someone who expresses his or her musical talents through programs like FL studio, Reason, Garage Band, and LMMS. In order to become a professional, you need to have great work ethic, have an ear for music, and be able to learn the building blocks and code of music. Now ask yourself, does music production and sound engineering sound like the ideal job for you?
What it is Music Production/
Sound engineering “A producer and engineer functions as a creative leader of any studio, film, television, or radio recording project” (Munuia.) A producer is the musical mastermind behind a song. A music engineer works in the recording studio, and changes the levels of the sound as the artist is recording (Manguia.) The most important part of a song is the beat, which the producer creates. A music producer is someone who expresses his or her musical talents through the use of sound production programs like, Fl Studio, Reason, Garage band, and LMMS. In order to become a professional music producer and sound engineer, one would have to dedicate the majority of his or her time into the program and learning the building blocks and code of music theory. Overview A mastering engineer is responsible for taking the final mixes or recordings that have been sent by a studio, band, or artist or finishing touches such as EQ, overall effects, and possibly compression (Manguia.) If an artist wants a hit song, a good engineer is important to make the song sound perfect. A producer functions as a creative leader of any studio. Producers work mainly with recording acts and record labels to produce records (Manguia.) A producers work on a song, is the backbone of the record. No listener wants to hear a song with an awful beat. Music engineers are also responsible for setting up equipment for the studio session (Manguia.) Education required/ examples of people who have the job. Although there’s no standard level of education needed to become a music producer or engineer, many colleges offer music production and engineering programs- traditionally at the bachelor’s degree level (AES Education.) Going to college for these professions isn’t needed, like KY engineering and Lex Luger. Both are very good at their jobs, and neither of them went to college. In music production and sound engineering fields, you can find courses of study for every level: from vocational studies to associates, bachelors, and graduate degrees (AES education.) Many schools offer music programs, and it is very easy to get into one. Your chances at this career. The chances of getting into the music industry is hard, so you need the talent, ear for music, have the right work ethic, and be able to stay in the know (Trade-schools.net.) This just proves that just because you make beats in your basement, doesn’t mean you will become the next hit producer. You need talent and knowledge. Many people that work as music producers live in highly populated areas, like Atlanta, New York, Charlotte, ect. (Trade-schools.net.) The reason music many artists, producers, and engineers live in highly populated areas like that, is because it’s easier to distribute and market your music when there’s more people to hear it. Statistics show that work is supposed to grow within 2008-2018 (Trade-schools.net.) This is good for many producers and engineers, knowing that work will be needed, but it is also bad knowing that more competition will be added.

Who's in charge When an engineer is doing his job, he is usually the only one that knows how to do that job in the studio. So setting up the equipment is an important job. A music producer should be an excellent musician with a lot of performing experience and a great depth of musical, acoustical, and studio technical understanding (Manguia.) If you’re planning on being a go-to producer or music engineer, you better know music like the back of your hand, because there are 2 more to take your spot if you don’t. It is the engineer’s subsequent responsibility to craft a recording that meets the producer’s, artists, or band’s desires. The engineer may also be responsible for mixing down the recorded tracks into the finished product (Manguia.) The engineers’ job is very important. The engineer must take the final tracks before an album is released, and mix it down to sound just right. Going to a music production and sound engineering school is a very good idea for future employees looking for work outside of school. Employers look for job candidates who have completed at least some technical training or a 1- year vocational program in sound engineering or a related field(education-portal.com.) Music producers and sound engineers work rough hours. Mixing engineers and music producers typically work indoors in climate-controlled surroundings. They work a standard 40-hour week, but face pressure to meet deadlines, thus forcing overtime (education-portal.com.) The 40 hour a week shifts, project deadlines, and overtime hours make these jobs extremely stressful for many people. Hours involved Works cited Works Cited
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