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In Search of Mockingbird

No description

Katy Woerner

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of In Search of Mockingbird

By: Loretta Ellsworth In Search of Mockingbird Main Character: Erin

Supporting Characters:
Dad (Real name unknown)
Bruce (Erin's brother)
Jeff (Erin's other brother)
Sedushia (A woman that Erin meets along the way)
Boomer (Sedushia's seperated son)
Epp (Erin's body guard)
Susan (The father's new wife) The "Rising Action" In this story, the rising action is that Erin's father was very concerned about her for being gone so long without telling, so he called the police to search for her along the way. From gas stations to diners, and even to bus stops, the police have almost caught them, but Epp has been there to save her from getting caught. The Climax Eventually, Epp and Erin finally get to Harper Lee's house, after over 30 hours of travel. Erin steps up to her doorstep, knocking on the door. Once she realizes that she isn't there, she gets angry and starts pounding on the door. Epp stops her from getting too angry. Once she is alright, she leaves a note for her and walks away. The Falling Action and Resolution Falling Action: Once Epp and Erin stop at a diner for the last time, she thanks him for keeping her safe. Erin sees her dad again at the diner and hugs him tightly.

Resolution: At the end of this wonderful story, Erin thanks Epp again as he boards his bus. Her father thanks him for taking care of her girl. They get back in the car and drive home, getting ready for the wedding the next day. Summary This book is set in 1986, where it is Erin's 16th birthday. For her present, her father gives her her mothers diary, even though she died when Erin was a little girl. She got angry at her dad for not giving it to her sooner. Since Erin is the only woman in the family, aside from her father getting remarried soon, she feels left out. She opens the diary and finds a letter that her mother wrote to Harper Lee, the author of "To Kill A Mockingbird." Determined to find an answer, she sets out on journey to Monroeville, Alabama, to see Harper Lee. Personal Information I think that this book would be good for people grades 6+

It is a really good book and it really gets you into keeping track of the characters and reading all the way through. It makes you feel like the main character. Erin is a very brave girl, and she is very passionate about reading.

My favorite character has to be Erin. She is a very mature girl, well, for being 16, anyway. She has even got the courage to go to Alabama to see Harper Lee, the woman that wrote the popular book, "To Kill A Mockingbird." Erin has read that book from cover to cover so many times. Sedushia even calls her "Scout", one of the characters from the book.
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