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The Life of a Vaishya

No description

Dakota Jones

on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of The Life of a Vaishya

The Life of a Vaishya
The Caste System

They all lived together under one roof

Children were expected to respect their elders

There were a lot of children

The older siblings were often in charge of taking care of the younger siblings
Life Diet
The people there used to gain their education in the art of production of grains and other useful material and arrange for their distribution
The woman would work as teachers and they were trained in dancing, music, and fine arts
The caste has also traditionally placed a value on artisan ship and technical education
The Vaishya Cast is the third of the fourth in Indian society. They are merchants, traders, and business workers.
The diet in the Vaishya Caste was known as the Sattvic Diet
The Sattvic Diet consumes of
They didn't eat meat because it was to expensive but they ate orangutangs and serpents
They ate many wheat and rice
Drank a lot of alchohol
Daily Life of Kajri
Kajri's Feelings
The occupations of the Vaishya were very important in India, because it helps make items to trade for something greatly needed by India at the time. While these people are working very hard they are wanting to be paid in return.

The merchants was the most common job . Other jobs that took place were traders, agriculture workers, and business workers. These are the people in which are involved in trade and getting and shipping supplies to and from other countries.
By: Haley Davinsizer, Kenna Donaldson, Lauren Breski, & Dakota Jones
I am content, I guess. I wish my husband was a warrior of a priest, and got paid more. But, thank goodness I am not an untouchable. It would be a horrid life. Most people say I am rich, but I will always want to be in the higher classes. It would be wonderful! My only hope is toe reincarnated into a richer caste!
I wake up to the stone roof of our house. I wake my children up at 6:30 every morning. They are fortunate enough to go to school. After they begin their 10 minute walk to the schoolhouse I begin to make breakfast for my husband. He has a cup of coffee and two Idlees (steamed rice cakes) every morning. I then go upstairs and clean up after my children. I make myself presentable and go outside to buy tonights dinner. At noon I begin to make dinner. I eat my midday meal consisting of madras lentils, naan( bread) and rice. I continue to make dinner as my children come home. My husband then comes home from a succesful day and we all sit down to enjoy dinner. My children go up to bed, and my husband and I talk about the day. I often give him advice about problems at work. Then I go to bed.
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