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Practical HR - Workshop Series



on 11 October 2013

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Transcript of Practical HR - Workshop Series

Job Evaluation
Performance Management
& Development

Strategic HR Planning
Objective Setting
Succession Planning
The Vibrant JD
Virtual community & real life
Virtual community & real life
Virtual community & real life
Virtual community & real life
Virtual community & real life
List out Positions for Review
Balanced Scorecard
Practical HR
Module 1
The First Interview
Competencies Required
Questionnaire Preparation
Rating format, criteria
The Selection Test:
Technical - Hard Skills, General Knowledge, Arithmetic, Writing ability
The personality Fit
Job Analysis, Design, Description
Preparing Job Advertisement
Sorting Application - CV Evaluation (Identify gaps)
Group Discussion / Presentation:
Topics, Rating Format
Final Interview:
Questions to be asked (based on DISC, MBTI)
Culture Fit,
Rating Format
Salary Negotiation
Reference / Medical Check
Induction Orientation Booklet
Corporate, Departmental
Job Description, Job Objectives
Related Circulars
Module 2
Prepare / Review Job Descriptions
Develop / Contruct a criteria for
evaluation in the organization(s)
Evaluate Jobs Separately
Discuss and Pre-finalize Individual
Evaluations in a Team
Present to groups and Finalize
Module 3
Performance Management System - Goal Setting Flowing from Values / Culture
Training & Development
Module 4
TWA - Wants
Delivery - Administration
Training of the Trainers
Mr. Azhar Iqbal Mir, Chairman of A.I. MIR, has a training style that transcends culture, age & profession. He is a psychologist by qualification and a Business Management Consultant by profession. Mr. Mir has over 42 years of diverse experience in the areas of
About the Facilitator
Production, Sales Supply Chain as well as Corporate and HR functions.Now as the chairman of A.I. MIR, a Consulting, Outsourcing, and Training Firm, he is a change agent and a turnaround consultant. With over a decade of consulting experience, he has trained, CEOs, Top Level Leaders, Managers, Salespeople, Doctors, HR Professionals, Engineers, Bureaucrats and more with the aim of …helping them grow.
Compensation & Benefits
Grades and Slabs
Incentives - Schemes
Action / Activity Planning
TNA - Needs
Stakeholders - Why The Program
Match Needs, Wants
Design The Program
Contents - Timing
Delivery: In-house, Public Program,
Study various International Methods of Job Evaluation
Study various complexity levels of Job Evaluation
(Kublai Khan & The New Chinese Alphabet)
Own Trainer, Outside Facilitator
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