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WJEC New Specs

Paper 1 and 2

Cliff Pritchard

on 14 May 2010

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Transcript of WJEC New Specs

GCSE ENGLISH GCSE ENGLISH LANGUAGE GCSE LITERATURE FUNCTIONAL SKILLS Controlled Assessments Exam Controlled Assessments Controlled Assessments Exam Exam Exam Controlled Assessments Shakespeare/poetry comparison
Other Cultures
1st person writing
3rd person writing

3 pieces of oral assessment

Other Cultures
1st person writing
3rd person writing

3 pieces of oral assessment
A study of the spoken word Shakespeare/poetry comparison 1 hour reading paper - similar to paper 2 now
comparing 2 non-fiction texts.

1 hour writing paper - similar to section B of current paper 2, writing articles, letters, leaflets etc. 2 x 2 hour papers

Paper 1 - Of Mice and Men - extract and essay
Comparison of 2 unseen poems

Paper 2 - Heritage drama/contemporary prose OR
Heritage prose/contemporary drama

See list in syllabus 2 x 1 hour papers.

Paper 1 - Study of written language - non-fiction. Study of 2 texts. Similar to paper 2.

Paper 2 - Using written language - Like paper 2 Section B - articles, letters etc. Paper 1 - 1 hour
Reading, persuasive, explanatory, report type texts. Paper 2 - 1 hour
Writing of two explanatory or persuasive tasks Speaking and listening

Including a variety of tasks including presentations, linked to real life situations
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