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Rhan Paguirigan

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of CASE STUDY 1

In what ways are Hazel’s customers most likely to judge the quality of her lawn care services?
Hazel as
Operations Manager
Inventory management
Quality assurance
by Rhan Paguirigan, Denise Ayson
Fortune 500
works at
15 years
x 5
Fertilizing lawns,
Weeding gardens,
Trimming shrubbery
What kinds of things would likely require forecasts?
- Inventory : Supply of gardening products and equipment
- Timing of the service when the customers demands for their yards to be trimmed
- To have a good quality outcome
What inventory items does Hazel probably have?
- Fertilizers, Grass seeds, Gas, Oil,
Pesticides, Weed eater twine, Lawn
Mowing equipment,Tools.

- Disposable supplies: Lawn grass
- The gas should because it operates the yard machine.
Name one inventory decision she has to make periodically
What scheduling must she do?

- Customer Availability
What things might occur to disrupt schedules and cause Hazel to reschedule?
-Fortuitous events: Natural Calamities
-Supplies are not available
-No available employees
-Malfunctioning equipment
-Lack of funds
How important is quality
assurance to Hazel’s business?
- fully meet all the intended requirements
- for impression management
-needed to attain the excellence required to
go to that new, next level of management.
What kinds of maintenance
must be performed?
• Preventive maintenance
-for daily maintenance such cleaning, inspection, oiling and re-tightening , design to retain the healthy condition of equipment and prevent failure through the prevention of deterioration.
• Periodic Maintenance
- time based maintenance consists of periodically inspecting, servicing and cleaning equipment and replacing parts to prevent sudden failure and process problems.
• Corrective maintenance
-for the Equipment with design weakness must be redesigned to improve reliability or improving maintainability.

Working for a company instead of for herself
She has a specific role or job in the business rather than having a business on her own she will think of all the risks company will have
Expanding the business
More expenses
Larger inventory
Greater opportunity
Wider market
More profit
Launching a Website
- Greater opportunity to know the
business worldwide
- Greater work and pressure
The town is considering an ordinance that would prohibit putting grass clippings at the curb for pickup because local landfills cannot handle the volume.

What options might Hazel
consider if the ordinance is passed?
1) Use Clippings as Compost or Mulch
2) Grasscycling


1) Composting improves light sandy soils.
2) Mulching reduces weeds, modifies soil temperature, and retains moisture. Mulch maintains good soil structure by reducing the force of rain droplets. It minimizes erosion by protecting the soil surface.
2) Grasscycling lessen wastes. Serves as fertilizer.


1) Another expense. Disposal is inconvenient
and expensive.
2) Another maintenance to be managed.
3) Lesser request for fertilizers- unused supplies,
decrease in profit
Hazel decided to offer the students who worked for her a bonus of $25 for ideas on how to improve the business, and they provided several good ideas. One idea that she initially rejected now appears to hold great promise. The student who proposed the idea has left, and is currently working for a competitor.

Should Hazel send that student a check for the idea? What are the possible trade-offs?
No, because it is unethical.
There are more bright ideas
to be think of for the benefit of Hazel's service.
Customer Care
- Shifts of employees
- Ordering of Supplies
- Weekly and Monthly Maintenance
Thank You!
presented by: Rhan Paguirigan, Denise Ayson
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