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On my Honor

No description

Gianna Faia

on 30 September 2012

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Transcript of On my Honor

On My Honor By : Marion Dane Bauer Setting The setting takes place on one summer day at the Vermillion River. Main Characters Joel Bates is 12 year old, honorable boy. He is going into seventh grade with his best friend, Tony. Joel also has a four year old brother named Bobby. Tony Zabrinsky is 12 years old and going into seventh grade with Joel. Tony is a risk taker and does not know how to swim. Problem/ Conflict Plot Climax Resolution The problem is that Joel wants to climb the Rock Bluffs, but Tony is scared to climb the Bluffs. He would rather just go swimming. Joel has to ask his dad if Tony and he can go rock climbing. His dad thinks about it and says yes, only if Joel will be on his honor. As Tony and Joel are riding their bikes to the Bluffs, they see the Vermillion River before they reach The Bluffs. Tony wants to swim in the river, but Joel tells him not to swim because the water is dirty and he knows Tony is not a good swimmer. Joel promised his dad on his honor they would go straight to The Bluffs. Two boys, Joel and Tony have been best friends since they were young. They decide to go rock climbing at The Bluffs, a mountain near their house. On the way to The Bluffs, Tony, who likes to take chances, decides to go swimming in the dangerous Vermillion River, even though he is not a good swimmer. Joel tries to talk Tony out of going swimming, but he gives in. Tony drowns in the river and Joel has to decide if he is going to tell the truth about what happened to him. By: Gianna Faia The resolution is that Joel tells his parents, Tony's parents and the police that Tony drowned in the Vermillion River. Joel realizes that he lost his best friend, because he broke his promise to his father. He realizes how important his honor means to himself. Plot Tony jumps into the water, Joel tells Tony to get out, but he does not listen. After sometime, Joel jumps into the river. After Joel is in the river, he says to Tony "Race you to the sandbar." Joel reaches the sandbar first and he looks back and cannot see Tony. He searches in the water but cannot find him. Joel finds an adult to help him look for Tony, but they are unable to find him. Joel is scared and unsure of what he should do. Joel goes back home, but does not tell anyone that Tony is missing. The Starved Rock Bluffs Joel and Tony on the way to The Bluffs.
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