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How to Convince your Parents to let you get a Pet

For anyone who wants a pet, but aren't allowed.

Ellie J

on 9 November 2013

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Transcript of How to Convince your Parents to let you get a Pet

How to Convince Your Parents to Let You Get a Pet
Prove that you're responsible.
Make a speech or presentation saying things about the pet you want and why you should get it. Avoid saying things like, "A poodle is a dog. I should get one because all my friends have one."
If you pet sit or walk dogs, your parents might see that you're ready to handle taking care of a pet. You can also tell your parents that with the money you made, you will buy the equipment for the animal.
Get your siblings on your side.
Play with them, do their hair, help them with their homework, or do favors for them, in exchange for them agreeing with the idea of a pet. Then your parents might see that you both want one and reconsider.
Now sit down with your family.
Talk about the pet you want, pros and cons, why you want it, etc. Now might be a good time to bring out that presentation.
If your presentation went well, don't do anything. Let your parents think about it. However, if they still said no, then declare war! (Not literally). Put up posters, flyers, notes, books, and cards about the pet all over the house... in the fridge, on the window shield, bathroom cabinets, and even in the mailbox!
Raise money for the supplies.
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