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Introduction Riff Framework

2011.3.12 Webdevmobile Seminar Author : Park Jun Beom(jb@h9works.com) / H9works

Junbeom Park

on 6 December 2011

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Transcript of Introduction Riff Framework

Mobile Web Application Framework Park Jun Beom
H9 Works Development Team
Riff js Team Leader Play The Code! Mobile Web Application Development Technology Design Riff's
APIs Riff UI Component You can design!
Because we support the 8 Theme. Gallery, SMS, Phonebook, Schedule, Call .... Device
Control Screen Transition Effect,
Object Animate .. Animate
Effect You can develop RSS news feed reader.
Just need simple code. Ajax Data
Processing Swipe, Flicking, Drag .. Touch Event Support development on PC browser Debug
Mode background knowledge WRT (Web Runtime) Samsung Mobile Widget Development WEB <DIV> I don't know DOM Element. <div class="rf-component-tabmenu"></div> <div class="rf-component-tabmenu">
<li>Tab Title1</li>
<li>Tab Title2</li>
<div class="rf-component-scene-part">
</div> $ = jQuery ? $("selector").someAPIs() Webkit -webkit-animation
-webkit-background-size Detail <div class="rf-component-scene" id="userScene">

User Content Markup

</div> $(".rf-component-scene").option({

"background": {"gradient" , "red"}

}) Mobile Web Game Mobile Web Page Mobile Web Application Web Service Web Application Riff's API Basic API
Widget Development API
Device API github.com/riff-js/ Riff Has Only Begun.
Thank you! avcjasdvas
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