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What I want to improve : D.V.D's

No description

Rosalie Black

on 9 June 2016

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Transcript of What I want to improve : D.V.D's

What I want to improve : The DVD
D.V.D 's
The solution
D.V.D 's:
The Solution
When you put the DVD disc into the machine, the computer will automatically check for updated material.
In fact, you could even put a whole new movie on the disc: good for you on a long car ride, and good for our planet.
D.V.D 's:
The Solution
D.V.D :
The Problem
The D.V.D is obsolete technology: it's not up-to-date and you are stuck with the same movie and the same commercials even 20 years later
Once you buy a D.V.D, it does not change. There's no going back !
When we buy a new DVD, it's
1. expensive
2. and a waste
of material (pollution)
To develop a mechanism whereby text messages (or wi-fi) are sent out to all DVD's to update them.

For example,
There are billions of DVD discs which we don't watch anymore.

I propose a way to re-use these discs to save us from boredom and to save our planet.
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