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Computer Skills Story

By: Brendi Bluitt

Brendi Bluitt

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Computer Skills Story

Maggie Smith and the Coworker. Written By: Brendi Bluitt :D This is a story of how a lady named Maggie Smith, even through many obstacles, came to be a famous buisness woman, and it all started with one phone call. Maggie Smith was just your average lady. She had just gotten out of college and was living in an apartment, looking for a job. She wanted to be an employee at a big buisness called, "Key Managment Incorperated." It was one of the most famous buisnesses in the world and she only lived 10 minutes away from its main building. Later that evening, Maggie got a phone call. Key Managment Incorperated wanted her to work as the Vice President! She was so excited and set up the interview for the next day. Even though Maggie had tons and tons of clothes from using her stocks money, she went out to buy a new outfit for the interview. She hung the outfit in her closet and called her parents to tell them the exciting news. After a while She decided to get some sleep so she could be nice and ready for the interview the next day. The next morning, Maggie was prepared for the interview, the President of KMI (Key Managment Incorpeated) told her to arrive 30 minutes prior to the intereview because they had prepared a special breakfast in her honor. She wondered why she was getting the special treatment but she would soon find out. Once Maggie got to the main building and got inside she was amazed. She had seen pictures put seeing them personally was ten times better. Everyone offered her things to eat but she turned them away. She went to the meeting room where they were serving breakfast, she gaped at everything that was set out for there. It looked like all the important people where there and they greeted her warmly. After breakfast it was time for the interview, she heard that once that a girls interview was so tough, she broke out in tears. She shuddered at the thought and went to the interview room. It began instantly. After a boatload of questions and answers. He took one look at her and said, "There is only one task left you have to complete to get the job," the boss said, "and that is typing." Maggie was relieved, they went to the typing room where there were tons of MacBook laptops set up. Maggie happened to be an exellent typer. She had a score of 180 WPM. Maggie instantly knew that the boss would be very impressed. She sat down at the comfy swirly chair, and placed her fingers on the keyboard. He gave her a hard copy of a 3-pageletter to type. After about a minute and a half, Maggie was done, with no grammar or spelling errors! The boss said, "Congratulations Maggie, Your hired!" Maggie smiled and followed the boss to her office. As she sat down she noticed another office next door and a man glowering at her. She soon found out that the man, his name was George, and he used to be the Vice President but he got demoted when Maggie came. After the boss left her and George with an assignment, George came over to talk.
George said, "Maggie, would you mind helping me on this assignment?" Maggie smiled and said, "Of course!" What George knew was that Maggie was a "too nice" kind of person. He knew that she would end up doing the whole assignment for him and him getting all the credit. As George left for the day, Maggie had a plan to turn in George. She had been a "too nice" kind of person the past few years but she wasn't anymore. She had a lot of work to do and she got started. The assignment was for them to do an 30-page essay on the importance of buisness marketing and managing a buisness. Maggie finished hers in about 15 minutes, she even still had time to go to the lounge to get a snack. In the lounge on the other side, she could hear George whispering to Tom [another co-worker] about how he knew Maggie was going to do all of his work and he get all the credit. 'Wow, he is SO wrong!', thought Maggie. She got a cup of coffee and a Krispy Kreme doughnut and fled the lounge at once. Maggie put her snack on her desk and walked back to the lounge with a video camera. If she needed to get George in trouble, she would have to have proof. Luckily, when she got back to the lounge Tom and George were still talking and they didn't hear or see Maggie. She set the camera on the coffee table and aimed it at the two guys talking. She made sure she got their faces too. When George and Tom finished talking, they turned around in horror as Maggie turned off the video camera. Maggie left the room and ignored George apologizing behind her and chasing her. He was pretty sure she was going to tell the boss and he didn't need that; he had a family to support at home and he couldn't lose his job.
Maggie and George ended up making a compromise. From then on, Greg would buy Maggie's lunch from whatever restaurant she wanted. If George does this, Maggie wouldn't tell the boss. From that day on, George would never use someone like he tried to use Maggie. As for Maggie Smith, she lived happily ever after, making lots and lots of money. THE END :D
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