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jackie demuyt

on 23 October 2013

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Jackie DeMuyt, Claudia Ricciardi, Manuela Barker, Riley Ennis, Claire Blinten
South Africa
Cultural Issues- The Rwandan Genocide
When Did it Happen?
Where Did it Take Place?
Who Was Involved?
Why Did it Happen?
What was the Impact?
12% arable land
top supplier in the world
for precious metals
life expectancy 49.4 years
9% internet
20% paved roads
GDP per capita $5,682
There are many conflicts going on in Ugandan politics. The president, Yoweri Museveni, is telling everyone that the over population of Uganda is a good thing. Uganda is trying to stop and fix the Kony problem.
57% agricultural labor
Current Event
workers in the mines
are on strike
April 1994- July 1994
About 100 days long
The Nile River
-The Nile gave Egypt the 2ND largest population in Africa.

-The Nile Valley has an average of 3,820 people per square mile.

-95% of Egypt's population lives there.
Population Problem
Central- East Country of Rwanda
World Ranking is 36
Population since 9/12 34,612,248
Depending on the Nile
-Economy depends on agriculture, media, petroleum, exports, exports of natural gas, and tourism

-Developed energy market based on coal, oil, natural gas, and hydro power.

-Boat tours bring in annual income.
Tribal Groups the Hutus and the Tutsis
Culutral Conflict- race
Minority Tutsis had ruled for centuries
Majority Hutu peoples-> came to power in rebellion of 1959-1962
Yoweri Museveni thinks:
One day he thinks that one day if they over populate they will be as successful as China. This can cause many problems like there is not enough room in Uganda for it to be over populated. It is also a problem because of the issues they are facing now do to with money.
800,000 people brutally killed
Hutus put on trial
International alliances shattered
Kony 2012
This has been going on 20 years now.

Over 20,000 people have been abucted by Joseph Kony.

90% of them are under 18 years old.
The government is trying there best but they are a poor country. So they can't spend that much of the little money that they have on millatery. They need it for the medical needs they only have 1.2 doctors to 10,000.
Social Connections
The country is trying to make money out of the potential oil. The value of shilling being is devalued.
Proven to have 1 billion bpd (barrels per day) reserved.
They consume 14,000 bpd none of the oil used comes from Uganda all of it is imported
Europe and China are trying to go after the avalible oil space. They are trying to make a deal with Uganda.
Ethiopia is a very poor
country. Specifically their
infrastructure is undeveloped.
4,337 miles of paved roads
423 miles of railroads
4,052,000 mobile subscribers
less than 1% of population are internet users
One major part of the
social aspect of Ethiopia is
education.Ethiopia is somewhat
educated, but not everyone is
educated fairly.
6,451,469 females in school
7,119,089 males in school
43% literacy
Ethiopia is not geographically
blessed. Based on the following
statistics, it is apparent that due
to geography, they have many
challenges that they have to face.
3% of population uses internet
1 television set per 100 people
0 major daily papers
no major ports
0 km of coastline
10.01% arable land
Three companies have agreed to produce
20,000 barrel-per-day, at a refined $1.5 billion.
20% of the continent's total GDP.
Riley Ennis
By Jackie DeMuyt
0.8% permanent crops
3 major trading ports
7 airports (3 unpaved)
19% of roads paved
$1 = 2565 shillings
Current Event
It is becoming harder and harder for the people in Uganda to be able to make a living. And to pay off there dept.
19% urban population
GPD per capita: $1,400
Population below poverty line: 45%
Uganda is a land locked country has and has only one main source of water. It is hard to have permanent crops.
What's going on now?
-the government is trying to make
improvements in the school system
-they want more students to go on to
-changes are moving at a very slow rate
Because the workers are on strike, the price of gold might go up since there isn't as much being mined
Current Issue
HIV/Aids is the leading cause of death in South Africa
Claire Blinten
What's going on now?
-Ethiopia and Egypt signed a
cooperation agreement
-This agreement will hopefully increase
What's going on now?
-Heavy rainfall caused a flood,
mostly in the south.
Uganda is land locked country there is one source of water. It branches off through rivers across the country.
Lake Victoria branches out in to rivers across the country. It is still hard to get water even with the rivers and lakes. This is because they water is not that clean to drink. they do use water as there main source of power they use hydro power for a lot of there needs.
Since it is hard for them to grow crops they have to import most of there goods.
They only have 8.92% permanent crops.
They spend $5.093 billion on imports only $ 57 million is used for food.
Some of the poorest parts have to receive food aid because they don't have the means to be able to pay for food.
They use little of the money used for imports for food.
The only other way the some of the people are able to receive food is by other countries food aids.
Rural Land
Rural Communities
- 43.4% of Egypt lives in rural villages.

- Population growth is at 2%

-Unemployment rate is 20%
Current Event
Sharing the Nile
-Nile has been strained.

-Egypt already has 2 sharing arrangements.

-6 new countries are pressuring Egypt for shared use.
Thanks For Watching!
Claudia Ricciardi
- Africa
Geographical Features
81% rural land
Landlocked- borders Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi, and DR of Congo
Major Water Bodies- Lake Kivu
Virguna Mountains
Generally high elevation
Located just above the equator
Population density- 1,118 per sq. mile
Capital City- Kigali
12 million people
World population rank- 73
2.75% growth rate per year
General Economy
91% agricultural labor
3.8% industry labor
5.29% service labor
Exports: coffee, tea, hides, iron ore (raw materials)
Imports: machinery, transportation equipment (industrial products)
Final Classification?
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