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India trip

No description

Christina St. Pierre

on 12 March 2018

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Transcript of India trip

Credentialing Trip to India
May 2016

AHI = athenahealth India
Years at athena:
9 months
M.Sc. Biochemistry
Super power:
Green belt in 6 Sigma, Dancing
To establish a robust Quality method that enables us to reach 4 sigma sooner

Years at athena:
Total athenahealth experience of 9 Years (6.5 years in Dell for enrollment,
4 months in AHS for credentialing, 2 years at AHI)
Master's in Chemistry
Super power:
Black belt in Karate
Do it with Passion or not at all
Years at athena:
3.5 years
B.Tech Biotechnology
Super power:
Mad Soccer skills
To help credentialing climb up the ladder

Years at athena: 1
MBS Marketing
Super power:
Mom extraordinaire
: To be a catalyst in bringing AHI as a strategic partner for the credentialing services at Athena
We have about 600 athenistas in our Chennai office
Our credentialing team works 2pm - 10pm IST (4:30am - 12:30pm EST)
The office
Getting to AHS (Access Health Services)
a.k.a learning to drive Chennai-style
Capital city of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu
A Megacity at 164 sq miles
Population of 7,088,000
Density of 43,000/sq mi (for comparison, Belfast is 196 and Boston is 12,907)
Tamil and English are most common languages spoken
9.5 hours ahead of the US
AHS = AccessHealthcare Services
Team bonding in Ponducherry
AHS is our business partner offshore, often referred to as a BPO or vendor.
AHS has 3,564 people performing work for athena!
Credentialing has 38 non-voice agents, 3 voice agents
The Jungle: Kerala
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