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Right Brain vs. Left Brain

Brain project for Physiology

Rajni Dhanota

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Right Brain vs. Left Brain

Quiz How do the Hemispheres Connect? Right Brain vs. Left Brain Right Hemisphere Damage to the Right Hemisphere Did you Know...? Left Hemisphere Damage to the Left Hemisphere: Video Mikayla Luna & Rajni Dhanota
Period 03 Corpus Callosum The hemispheres communicate with each other through a thick band of 200-250 million nerve fibers called the corpus callosum
Each hemisphere is almost identical in terms of structure, but each operate in an entirely different ways.
To prevent epileptic seizures, in people with epilepsy, the corpus callosum can be cut in half. Scoring:
0-10: Right-brained
10-20:Balance between left and right brain
20-30: Left-Brained 3 points for a 'yes' answer
1 point for a 'sometimes' answer
0 points for a 'no' answer Damage to the left brain may impact mood and behavior. Patients may become compulsive, disorganized, easily frustrated, and may demonstrate problems in memory, speech, writing and cognitive processing. Because the left brain controls the right side of the body, damage may cause paralysis to the right side of the body. Damage to the right hemisphere may impair spacial orientation, body position, and nonverbal communications. Patients may have emotional and behavior problems, and appear confused, unmotivated, uncooperative, or excessively dependent. Damage to the right side of the brain could cause paralysis to the left side of the body. Functions - spatial ability
- facial recognition
- visual imagery
- music
- art
- sensitivity
- controls muscles on the left side of body - Language
- Math
- Reading
- Logic
- Reasoning
- Controls muscles on right side of body Functions Occupations of Left Dominant vs Right Dominant Left Dominant
- Scientist
- Banker
- Judge
- Mathematician
- Librarian Right Dominant
- Artist
- Actor/ Actress
- Athlete
- Politician
- Craftsman Traits of Left Brained and Right Brained People Left Brain Dominant - prefers classical music
- likes to follow directions
- prefers nonfiction books Right Brain Dominant - prefers rock & roll music
- does not like directions
- prefers fiction books
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