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Probation Presentation

No description

Ivan Martinez

on 15 January 2014

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Transcript of Probation Presentation

Learning and Work During Probation

Name: Ivan Mauricio Martinez Wilches
Employee ID: i80043572
Department: TSD Datacomm

Retrospection on Probation
Future Goals and Plan
Retrospection on Probation
 I have shown the best work attitude and have given the best of me in order to get the knowledge that I’m aware I need.

 I have tried to provide the knowledge that I have to help my partners, like on the maintenance windows and tests where they needed help.
 I have applied the knowledge that I’m getting in some other activities, like the replace and check of the LPUs Boards for Tigo (maintenance windows), the tests performed in SFPs/XFP transceivers and modules for ETB and the activities that have occurred in the Telefonica network.

This are some activities show that I’m getting some skills in order to develop my duties as a support engineer.
Learning and Work During Probation
I’m Telecommunications Engineer from Nueva Granada Military University, graduated at 2012.

I did my internship in CM& news, which is a company very important of the “journalistic world” in Colombia.

After working there, I worked in Chameleon Communications that is a support company for Claro – Comcel, where I was L2 engineer and I checked the problems with the data packets in Corporative Customers.
After that, I got a Job in ARCOM, which is a company that manages the Telmex network for special costumers (some banks and some big department stores).

In Arcom I had to manage and do the troubleshooting in the routers and switches of the Telmex NME. I had my first contact with Huawei Equipment and I got my CCNA certification.
Training and learning experiences after you join Huawei
 Know and apply Huawei Software or platform – VRP.

 Use tools that Huawei provides in order improve the knowledge and skills for daily duties (Hedex, Support page or iLearning).

 Meet the Telefonica Network, including technologies, equipment and topologies. In special ME60 BRAS.

Work outputs
 I’m working in the Morato Telefonica giving support in site for the BRAS project.

 Check with the U2000 tool the issues on the devices for the Telefonica Network.

 knowledge of the expectations and needs for a client (Experience in Claro - Telmex) and knowledge networks to contribute to the Datacomm group when it's needed.

Future Goals and Plan
 Improve my knowledge on Routing and Switching, including equipment, protocols, service configuration and troubleshooting.

 know about Telefonica solutions and implementations.

 HCDA certification.

 Improve the level of English.
 Get the Huawei Certifications (HCIE - Huawei Certified Internetworking Expert) and keep going with studies to get a better professional background.

 know about Huawei internal processes for manage projects.

Short term
Medium term
Long term
 Grow in Huawei as professional and person.

 Studying in another country.

 Be project manager.
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