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Wedding Customs and Traditions in France

UNV Success

Melanie Wichelman

on 14 December 2010

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Transcript of Wedding Customs and Traditions in France

Wedding Traditions and
Customs in France French Wedding
American Wedding A French Wedding Full of customs and traditons Some traditions are directly
from the French culture, however
some are adapted from other cultures. In America, some customs we see today are ones that we
have adapted from the French
3 Main Parts Civil Religious/Church Reception Dress In early times wedding dresses worn in France were basically elaborated versions of a contemporary dress and had no specific color.
The French custom of the all-white wedding gown was introduced with Queen Ann of Brittany in 1499.
After this most brides always wore white Trousseau This was originally a collection of clothing
and household linens stored in a chest or
elaborately carved armoire.
This armoire was to become a
central piece of furniture in the household
of the newlyweds. Gift from the brides father
A trousseau is a tradition in France
that is said to have influenced the modern
bridal shower.
Wedding procession It is a French custom for the groom to call on his future bride at her home on the morning of their wedding.
White Ribbon Custom
Symbolic of the couples
Wedding Reception Following most weddings
Usually go very late into the night
Toasting cup:
Coupe de Mariage
Early Toasting Glass in France
Modern Day Toasting Glass Croquembouche French desert usually in place of a wedding cake since 1600’s.
“Crunch in the mouth”.
Pastry’s filled with vanilla cream.
Held together with “cobwebs” of caramel. Garter:
Originated from the ancient Jewish society.
However in France, it was a best man who was in charge of stealing it off from the bride
Then it is sold in small pieces to wedding guests. 
Chiverie Wedding Prank by guests
Bride and Groom expected to appear, still in wedding attire and provide treats to guests. The invite
In America being invited to a wedding means you have been invited to the full celebration(Exception being a small ceremony)
In France you may be invited to the whole thing or possibly just for one meal
Often an American wedding averages around 5 hours.
Weddings in France often go to three or four in the morning.
Sometimes the weddings can last beyond this ending in a Sunday Breakfast or even a Sunday Lunch.
In France instead of throwing rice/birdseed the guests usually throw coins.
The children attending can collect these coins and it symbolizes good luck.
Many similarities to American Weddings, however most of these similarities have been started here in France.
The traditions and customs of a French wedding are proof that France is a place of powerful love.
As traditions are carried on from generation to generation new traditions are also created and taken from other cultures as well.
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