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Mockingjay Presentation

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liutprande faighe

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of Mockingjay Presentation

Mockingjay The story takes place in the future, in a country named Panem, in the place that now we know as North America. Panem is divided into 12 districts and The Capitol. The life of Capitol's citizens is very different from the one in the districts because they provide food and products for the Capitol without any payment. For this reason they're very poor. Settings Characters District 13, headed by President Coin, decides to start a rebellion. Katniss agrees because she wants to rescue Peeta and she also accepts to be the symbol of the rebellion. An army of District 13 went to rescue Peeta, but he was hijacked. He didn't remember anything of his past, he only remembers Katniss as a bad person. The army takes control of the Capitol with the intent of catching president Snow. While they are in the underground going to President Snow's building, Finnick, her friend from the 75th Hunger Games dies, killed by lizard mutts. Prim, Katniss's sister also dies because of a bomb in the Capitol while she was helping some wounded. When they catch President Snow, he tells Katniss that Coin planned the bomb that killed Prim so she kills her (Coin) instead of President Snow at the public execution. Later Snow dies alone, choking on his own blood while he was laughing and coughing because Katniss killed Coin:it is a very strange death. At the last meeting the new government decides to punish the Capitol citizens by sending their sons to the Hunger Games. Plot In Mockingjay there are many characters. The principal characters are:
-Katniss: the protagonist. She was sent to the Hunger Games twice and survived. She is the narrator. She comes from District 12.
-Gale: a very important character. Most important of all he is Katniss's best friend and he loves her. He comes from District 12.
-Peeta: he is very important because Katniss met him in her first Hunger Games. He loved her since he was five years old. He also comes from District 12.
-Haymitch: he is a forty year old man that is always drunk. He is a District 12's victor who won the second quarter quell and he is Peeta and Katniss's mentor of the Hunger Games.
-Finnick: he is a very charming victor that comes from District 4. He becomes a very important friend for Katniss by Suzanne Collins Hope - is present in district's people that hope that their tributes won't die in the Hnger Games or in the war. Especially during the book Katniss hopes Peeta is alive after is taken by the Capitol.
War - the war between the Capitol and the districts that were rebelling, is represented in the book.
Love - This theme is very present in this book, because both Peeta and Gale fell in love with Katniss during the trilogy and at the end also Katniss understood that she loves Peeta.
Death - Is shown by the death of Primrose, President Coin, President Snow, Finnick, and all the others that died during the war.
Government control - very present in the book because the Capitol tries everything to show its control and its power.
Betrayal - shown when President Coin kills Primrose, sister of Katniss, without her knowing it. Themes
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