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Activities template (LOEX 2014)

Welcome, What you will learn today, Library home page, Database Searching, Types of Sources, Team Work, Wrap Up, Where to Get Help

Amy Fyn

on 24 September 2014

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Transcript of Activities template (LOEX 2014)

Librarian Name
Welcome XXX 000 students!
What you will learn today:
e.g. how to find the research guide that will save you time and maintain your sanity
Database Searching
Library home page
What's in it
The importance of keywords
Academic journal articles
e.g. Search for peer-reviewed articles
e.g. Search for marketing strategies
e.g. Limit your results by date
e.g. Email yourself and your group members
any relevant articles you find.
Add note here.
5-7 minutes
Newspaper Databases
Play time & Discussion
Current information
Historic information, too
More facts than analysis
e.g. Each group member takes one newspaper database.

National Newspaper Core, Lexis Nexis, etc.

Explore it.

Types of Sources
What are three things you learned today?

What are two things you found useful?

What is one question you still have about your research?

Where to Get Help
Team Work
Wrap Up
Grab a piece of paper and write your response to these questions.
1. In groups, identify an example of a
popular source
2. Identify an example of a
scholarly source
3. Identify an example of
trade source
Library Instruction
[Your favorite keyword activity]
Email us
Book a librarian
Stop by
Each group member take one question and find the answer.
Be ready to share at the end.
Work together or separately.
What newspapers are available?
Are they current?
What options do you have for limiting/refining results?
Did you find anything interesting?
Did you not like anything?
Questions to consider:
Database name
e.g. where to get help
e.g. where to locate company information
e.g. how to search on your topic
e.g. where to locate sources
[delete these words and insert a screenshot
of your home page ]
Written for general public
Covers current events and issues
Written by journalists/staff writers
Reviewed by editors
Usually daily or weekly
Some have specific coverage areas
Written for scholars
Publish current and original research in a specific discipline
Written by scholars
Reviewed by scholars/experts
Usually monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly
Generally discipline specific
Written for industry professionals
Report news and trends in a field, but not original research
Written by industry professionals/experts
Reviewed by editors
Usually monthly
Generally industry specific
Give at least two clues why this is considered a popular source
Give at least two clues why this is considered a trade source
Give at least two clues why this is considered a scholarly source
e.g. Use Discover to find a popular source and email it to yourself
e.g. Use Business Source Complete to find a scholarly source and figure out how to cite it in APA
e.g. Use Google Scholar to find the full text of an article
e.g. Use the newspaper databases to find a recent article and save it to your folder
Turn your sheets in to the librarian on your way out of the room
What's in them
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