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3rd term test review - 6th grade

No description

Andrea Bin

on 13 November 2015

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Transcript of 3rd term test review - 6th grade

3rd term test review - 6th grade

TV programmes.
Grammar - Simple Past
What's the past of...
play - go - begin - take - work - buy

How do you form the negative and question forms of...?

I played soccer yesterday.
I studied English last weekend.
She did her homework.
They went to the beach.
Grammar: -ed and -ing adjectives
What's the difference?
'My holiday was
. I felt really
Grammar: Comparative Form
Use this form to compare TWO people, places or things.
Linda is ___________________ (tall) Janet.
Janet is __________________ (beautiful) Linda.

Grammar: Superlative Form
Use this form to compare THREE or more people, places or things.

Anna is _______________ (short) girl in the group.
Robert is ______________ (intelligent) boy in his family.
Grammar: Future with BE GOING TO
I _________ (buy) a pizza tonight.
They _______ (travel) next week.
She ________ (make) a cake tomorrow.

After x Then
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