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video games

No description

Spencer Lee

on 3 February 2014

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Transcript of video games

face book free verse poem by spencer.

Facebook is awesome no matter what age
I may be to young but I still play the games
I play monster games and other stuff to
naruto pokemon there's so much to choose
don't say i'm to young I won't care
it has more more games then a cellphones software!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
god of war by a guy.
Wield the Blades of Chaos
Tasked by gods to kill Ares
Kratos, still angry

world of goo by a guy.

Wide eyed balls of goo
Building bridges and towers to a better world
Mysterious sign painter patiently watches

mario!!! by gamers
Oh fearless plumber, short and fat but brave
Whose selfless task to rescue the princess
Your adventures, they tell such a story grave
That leave even the greatest men impressed

You crossed the plains of 1-1 to 8-3
Jumped high, stomped countless Goombas in the ground
Kicked turtle shells into the cactus beasts
But yet, the princess, she is still not found

Raccoon suit, fire flowers and mushrooms
Will guide you to the Koopa King’s lair
Use all your might to evade certain doom
When all seems lost you never fell despair
In his rage he ground pounds through the floor
The battle ends, King Bowser is no more

video games rock.
video games
video game heikou by spencer lee
and quad train.

I wish I could play all day.
I am plain lazy.
video games are best
better than the recess
none or less
I won't rest

the end!

thank you
for listening
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