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School Counselor’s Role in Advocacy for STEM Career Awarenes

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Heather Wilcox

on 15 October 2014

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Transcript of School Counselor’s Role in Advocacy for STEM Career Awarenes

School Counselor’s Role in Advocacy for STEM Career Awareness
STEM Awareness Proposal for BOE
There is a current problematic trend in the United States where educational programs are not producing adequate numbers of graduates that are interested in and have a desire to pursue science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) careers

Description of
STEM Project
Outcome Measure
An increase from the initial 3% of graduates pursuing a STEM career will prove that there is an increase in exposure to STEM learning opportunities for the students at GMU
Program Assessment
The purpose of conducting this program assessment is to:
(1) collect data on existing STEM learning opportunities, (2) identify the needs of GMU’s STEM initiative and key stakeholders, and
(3) to identify the necessary supports needed in order to develop and implement a STEM program at GMU CSD
Assessment Results
In an effort to effectively educate students about STEM opportunities, a final determination has been made at GMU CSD, that a serious effort is needed to increase the number of students who will pursue STEM study and careers.

- GMU does offer STEM courses, but they are very rudimentary
- Teachers are lacking professional development opportunities that would increase their knowledge about STEM courses
- Must educate parents about the world-wide workforce shift toward STEM careers
Collaboration & Curriculum
District will:
1. Offer professional development opportunities for STEM teachers
2. Make various attempts at providing STEM information to parents
- open house
- articles in school newsletter
- informational brochures mailed home
3. Educate students about STEM careers through classroom guidance lessons
4. Increase STEM learning opportunities by offering higher level learning STEM courses
Consultation & Career Counseling
School Counselor will:
1. Encourage students interested in STEM careers to take the online STEMJOBS interest quiz during individual career counseling sessions
2. Consult with professionals in the field
- employers
- admission representatives
- skilled trade unions
of the 2014 graduates from Gilbertsville-Mt. Upton Central School District are currently pursuing a STEM career
Goal: provide middle school students with accurate information about STEM careers and increase their exposure to this field so that by the time they are ready to graduate, they have an increased awareness and interest of the expanding world of work in relation to STEM careers.
Research indicates that “students at this age may lack exposure to the career possibilities in the STEM fields and therefore may be making decisions about career choices without accurate information” (Wyss, 2013, p. 55).
In an effort to measure student interest in STEM careers, students will be asked to complete a career plan during their individual career counseling sessions with the School Counselor
by Heather Wilcox
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