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Virtual Reality Simulation

No description

Parker Excels

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of Virtual Reality Simulation

Makes the user feel... Like he is somewhere
else. He believes something that is not true. Virtual Reality S I M U L A T I O N 3.141592653 By:Parker I T I S ... Visual Tricks
Holograms IT IS AlSO TECHNOLOGY Circuit Boards Programming Monitors or self screens Combination Virtual Reality is almost as if IT PULLS YOU INTO A VIRTUAL WORLD! How it works It uses a series of graphics, sounds, and lights to trick the brain. The brain guesses what it means and has the wrong answer. The brain does so many things but, it may not always do them right. Uses Virtual Reality also deceives the eye The eye processes what it sees into the brain There are virtual Reality Simulation games There are driving simulators There are flight simulators There are even simulators for doctors Virtual Reality is used DAILY We Need Virtual Reality!!! Careers There are lots of careers related to virtual reality. Hey I know a career! School
ROCKS! Hi, I am a technology teacher.
I work for USC. One career is education Education I know a career too! I own an arcade! Arcades have Virtual Reality involved them too! One career related to Virtual Reality is entertainment Entertainment Whenever you use Virtual Reality Simulation It's like sending a message You tell it What to do and... Send it away 1 Received message Processing... Thank You for watching! One career is entertainment Another career is technology education A third career is military simulation Here is an example of a driving simulator
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