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the impacts of ICT

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brittany fletcher

on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of the impacts of ICT

The Impacts of ICT
Ethical impacts!
Ethical impacts means that today all your personal data is stored on some kind of electrical device and mainly laptops, tablets computers and mobile phones. Nearly in all aspects of life I.t is present.
for example;
The law.
When working in ICT there are some things you have to consider.
Data Protection act
In the late 20Th century businesses, services and organizations started storing Peoples personal data on computers.
This would mean that people could share someones information to someone that is untitled to it, for example;
Mobile number
Medical Condition
So the Parliament set up a data protection act in 1988.
Privacy is very important it’s something that everyone has the right to have, you would not like someone to record you and then put it on some social networking site without your consent. It is against the law to do this.

Another right is also to know that the computer is being protected from anyone or any viruses, because that would mean that someone could hack the computer. . . get into the system and also find out anyones information because any centre will ask for personal information like e-mail and home address especially places like schools and hospitals and doctors.
Social, legal, ethical and economical impacts !
You are entitled when you give out your personal information who the doctor can share it with, accordingly it should be only entitled people, the data protection act involves the right to know.
Companies have taken procedures to stop piracy taking place.

When you download a software or an app for your phone it has an " agreement " that you have to accept before you download.
Some certain software has a license key that you have to enter to download it.
Some programs will only work when a certain CD or DVD is inserted into the laptop or computer.
Some programs will only work if a hardware (a dongle) is plugged into the back of the computer.
when you buy a software or download something else from the internet there are restrictions of law you need to follow.
You cant;
put what you've downloaded on to a disc and sell it.
give the disc to someone else to put on there computer
and you cant rent it out
or use the software on a network
Because this is against the law this could include all types of media such as downloading a game or mp3 to put it on to your phone or a disk and then sell it.
Some people have the knowledge to :
hack into peoples email accounts
your actual computer and shut the whole system down
change things that that are owned by companies
implant viruses on peoples computer
change passwords

This is ILLEGAL and some people hack to get things from you like passwords and you should be aware of things you put on the internet hackers could access it.
Copyright is also something you have to watch out for that you don't take part in copyright or others copyright your work.
Someone who has made a piece of work or an image and they have right to there work and don't want people to copy and paste it or use it for important events and if people do then you could get fined or arrested (depending) so you must be careful what you are copying.

Also for company users you cant do the same thing and use the same name for example can't make a phone and call it an IPhone that's an example of copyrights.
There was a Patents Act in 1988 that made it so that copyright and piracy illegal.

There is also The Federation Against Software Theft (FAST) which is a company that aims to prevent copyright and piracy and has the right to prosecute those that are found to be involved with copyright and piracy.

Over 1200 companies are supporting this.

Social networking
The social networking is a good way to communicate with others all around the world because most of people have social networking site such as Facebook ,Twitter or Skype. There are different ways to communicate by using internet and our phones.We can call and text to others by using phones also now we can have connection to internet in our phones anywhere we are.This allows us to work at homes because we can easily send emails also have online conferences.
Interactive white boards

The interactive white boards change education for better, it allows to create a whole lesson on one power point. This helped teachers to plan their work at homes using laptops. This makes a lesson more interesting for students also it makes it more organized so student can learn more in one lesson.

The internet has a lot of options which can be really helpful in education. The main use of internet in schools is research because internet has a lot of different information about everything so it is easier to find things in there rather than go to library, it saves our time.
Social impacts of ICT
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