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Three Skeleton Key Plot Chart

By: Carter Stengel

Carter Stengel

on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of Three Skeleton Key Plot Chart

Exposition Three Skeleton Key Plot Chart By Cadet Corporal Carter Stengel The rising action 1. 2. The next day after the ship hit, they entertained and amused themselves by teasing the rats. Suddenly, on the next day they realized that there was a foul smell in the air. Then on the fourth day, at early dawn, one of the wooden barriers was about to go, so they covered it with a sheet of tin. 3. During the night, Le Gleo started to have nightmares. They also know that if they want to signal for help, they have to go onto the balcony where all the rats were. Suddenly after thoughtful decision, the decided to not light the lantern on the ninth day. When all of the sudden, a patrol boat appears to see why the lighthouse didn't light. They heard the scratches on the window as the rats attempted to get in. Three Skeleton Key This may look hard to do... but with studying the story... It won't be that hard. The first part of plot... Now... The short story, "Three Skeleton Key", by George Toudouze, is a horror story about three men trapped on a isolated island who are suddenly attacked by a ravenous horde of rats. The narrator, Le Gleo, and Ichtoua are lighthouse keepers off the coast of the French Guiana. They watch a Dutch three master ship, The Cornelius de Witt, recklessly make it's way to their treacherous shores. The men soon discover that the ship has no crew because the hordes of rats have overwelmed them. The ship crashes unto the rocks of Three Skeleton Key while the hordes of rats fill up the island to the brim, trapping the lighthouse keepers in their. Moving on to the longest part... So now the rising action. Itchoua gets onto the lighthouse to signal for help to the patrol boat. The patrol boat responds, we will be back. Climax The climax... THE BIGGER PICTURE To the lighthouse... The lighthouse keepers immediately start to close every window on the lighthouse. The doors are so tight, not one rat breaks in too the lighthouse. The rats fill up the entire sides of the lighthouse within a matter of seconds. When the reinforcements left and came back, they brought with them a barge full of meat. All the rats start to sense it as it comes closer. Resolution Falling action After the patrol boat leaves, it comes back with reinforcements, such as a fire boat. That boat then starts to wash the rats down with the hose to get them off. The rats still get back on to the lighthouse and attack, but some of the sharks eats the rats up. Most of the rats get back on the lighthouse. The boats then leaves and comes back with a surprise. But here is a cycle showing you what happens when the fire boat hoses down the lighthouse. Copyright 2012 #128 The fire boat hoses down the rats... The rats swim back to shore... They get onto the lighthouse... Every last rat has now... left the lighthouse. When ever single rat was on the barge of meat, they hose it down with gasoline and set it on fire. After a while, they bomb it with shrapnel! After that the sharks ate up all the rats, so as a result... Figurative Language Simile Metaphor Personification This happened... Like sickle through wheat... It was Dutch built, understandable as Paramaribo and Guana are very close to Cayenne... The rats were belly up, mouths gasping... As if she was leading the Regatta at a race... Three skeletons dancing on the rocks. The you could hear the rats screaming at each other. After the attack, Itchoua died of the bites, Le Gleo had to be sent off to a mental facility, and the narrator stayed there for another 20 years. The aftermath...
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