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erika steinger

on 14 May 2015

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Transcript of cove

"The Cove"
"The Cove" Debate-
The Japanese Perspective
during reading
"The Cove" Debate
Do Now
Take a copy of the article and the graphic organizer from the front of the room

In your notebook, make a list in response to the following prompt:
What are some American traditions or practices that other cultures might object to? (Example: hunting)
Thursday, May 14th
"The Cove" Debate
Generating Questions
Judging another culture by the values and standards of one's own culture
An attempt to impose the values of your own culture on others
Have you ever been guilty of ethnocentrism?
Do you think that Americans, in general, are guilty of it?
Academy Award winning documentary that follows a team of activists on their secret mission to expose the Japanese mass-slaughtering of dolphins.
Why does the team want to expose the Japanese?
Record your initial reactions to the trailer on your graphic organizer
Focus Question:
Underline evidence of focus question
Circle unknown vocabulary words
H= Hypocrisie
U= Understanding of someone's POV
P= Personal connection
Create two higher order thinking questions based on the text
Sample questions:
Is it fair for Americans to interfere with Japanese culture?
How would Americans respond if the Japanese attempted to exploit our culture?
Record your reaction after reading the article
Choose one of the questions generated by your classmates
Go back to the article, then write a response to the question that you chose
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