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Dale's Evaluation

No description

Dale Fletcher-Rox

on 12 May 2010

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Transcript of Dale's Evaluation

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media texts? This is Christina Aguilera's 'Beautiful' video. We watched this first and then decided to use her song in order to create our video. This is another video we looked at when deciding on what song to use, we liked this song as it was a pop song. This is the video we created using Christina Aguilera's song 'Beautiful'. What have you learned from audience feedback? Our choice of song is quite emotional and young girls may feel they can connect to it. For example, it mentions 'being beautiful no matter what they say', referring to peoples hurtful comments. These images are of Christina Aguilera and Ceri, performers from both music videos. These camera angles used to capture these images are quite similar. They are both close ups and taken as a side on view of the individual. The only main difference between these two images are the costume. Although you can't see what they are both wearing as they are facial shots; you can see a bow in Ceri's hair whereas Christina Aguilera's hair is just down with no accesories. In a pop music video, it is quite common to see a main character. The main character is generally the performer of the song. Usually, the video is actually telling a story however, this isn't necessary. In our music video we decided to use the conventions of a pop music video. In order for us to do that we used our main character, Ceri to help tell the story of the song. We also used some extra characters to help the video seem more interesting and related it to the lyrics, for example, a young girl trying to commit suicide because she doesn't have a "size zero" figure that the media always go on about as being the "perfect" figure. I put our music video onto two websites. One social networking site, Facebook and a video sharing website, Youtube. This was to enable us to attract a wider audience as it is on the websites for anyone across the world to view. Our target audience are young, teenage girls around the age of 14. They would probably listen to pop music and slower songs like ballads. They would most likely shop in stores like New Look and Claires Accesories. They are more likely to watch soaps such as, Hollyoaks and Eastenders as they have real life issues that they like to be able to relate to. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts? The feedback we received on Facebook and Youtube were all quite positive. Receiving feedback in this way helps you understand what your audience really thinks of your product. Our audience thought our product seemed like a 'real' media text, this could be because we used the same conventions seen in a 'real' pop video. This is the front cover that I created for my CD. I've put her name in the middle so that it attracts the audience and stands out. 'You are beautiful no matter what they say...' is the name of the album. I have placed a couple of negative words around the photo of Ceri because this relates to the main song on the album, Beautiful. This is the back cover that I created for my CD. Unlike the front cover, the speech bubbles have positive words in. The words inside the speech bubbles are the song titles on the album. This is the magazine advertisement that I created to promote the CD. I have included a photo of Ceri that is shown on the front of the album as well as her name in the same font, this will help our audience recognise it. I have also included an image of the CD cover so that they know what to look out for in shops. The speech bubbles on this advert inform the audience when this album will be available in stores and on the internet to download. Similar products are marketed in a number of ways not just magazine advertisements, for example, marketing companies use bus stops, buses and even tube stations to promote albums. These methods all work very well as millions of people commute to work daily and will see these advertisements. However, these methods also cost a lot of money. The way I have chosen to market my product is also a good method because it will be seen by a mass audience. Unlike tube station advertisements my advert will be read by my audience because they would have chosen to read the magazine that it is advertised in. My advertisement uses the same colour scheme as the CD cover so that it is recognisable. As it is a debut album and there are only 5 songs, the price of my album will only be £7.99. This is a good price to charge for my first album because it is affordable for my target audience. My advertisement will be put into teenage magazines such as, Sugar as well as pop magazine such as, Top of the Pops. The reason I am only putting them in these types of magazines is because these are the magazines my target audience are most likely to purchase. If I was to promote my product on TV, I would probably only advertise on channels such as Nickelodeon or Saturday morning programmes because these are the channels my target audience are most likely to view. I researched transport advertising using a website called www.transportmedia.co.uk. In order to find out about specific pricing I would need to fill out a form to request a quote. However, on the homepage it says they work with clients whose budgets range from £1000-£10,000,000. These budgets give you an idea of how much you're likely to spend using buses for example as your marketing method. How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation strategies? This is a picture of me with a video camera and tripod. Since the beginning of my A level media course, I have improved a lot. When we started on our first recording task, The Phone Call, my recording wasn't very steady and I wasn't able to complete the range of camera angles and shots to make my films seem more interesting. Now that we have had a lot of practice recording films, I am able to use a video camera and tripod efficiently as well as being able to use all the angles and shots. This is a picture of a digital camera. I had used one of these many times before starting A level media. However, now I am aware of the different angles and shots I could use in order to focus on particular things or make my pictures more interesting. This is a picture of a MacBook, before starting media I had never used one of these. Once you understand the different programmes on the MacBook, they are quite simple to use. In order to create my media tasks, I had to use a MacBook. I used programs such as iMovie and iDvd. I used iMovie to put films together and edit them, including adding different transitions and effects. In order to put our films onto a disc we have to use iDvd, this programme also allows you to create a DVD menu for when you put your disc into the machine and it gives you the playback options. I have also used numerous online programs. I have used www.blogger.com throughout my whole course in order to keep a blog of what I have completed in my lessons, post my homework and coursework onto for my teacher to access. I only started to use www.facebook.com and www.youtube.com for this part of my course, however, they are both websites I am familiar with. I used both of these websites in order to upload our video and gain audience feedback. www.prezi.com is the newest website I have used. This website has allowed me to create this presentation discussing the process of my coursework. At first, I wasn't really aware of what I had to do and found it quite difficult but after trying the different tools available I found it a lot easier to use. Photoshop is a program I have used in both my AS media coursework and A2. When I was first introduced to this program last year I found it quite difficult, however, there are tutorials available online such as on www.youtube.com that helped me understand it more. I first used this photo editing program to create my pop magazine. This year, I used this program to create my CD cover and magazine advertisement. Unlike last year, I was able to complete these tasks quite quickly as I found it a lot easier to use. This video is an example of some of the tutorials available on www.youtube.com that help explain the different tools on Photoshop and make it a lot easier to use. When creating our film we used some of the ideas seen in Christina Aguilera's version of the video and then developed them. For example, the close up shot of the performer, gay couple scene and the idea of being "size zero". The images around this text are stills taken from both our music video and Christina Aguilera's video. As you can see they are quite similar, however, we haven't used the same storyline throughout the video. Dale Fletcher-Rox
A2 Media Evaluation
Candidate Number 6208 I have identified the unique selling point of our music video as being our performer. Ceri is a teenage girl and as we have identified our target audience as being a teenage girl around the age of 14 they may feel they can relate to her and the song. Before starting on our music video we decided it would be better if we researched 'real' media texts first. In order to do this we went onto www.youtube.com and had a look at a variety of pop videos to give us an idea of what song we would like to use. We thought it was important to use the same conventions as a "real" pop video to make ours seem more realistic. For example, the artist performing the song in the video. As well as a story being told throughout the video.
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