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Tautvydas Gylys

on 20 April 2011

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Transcript of PhotoFondue

First lesson free
Pay for lessons viewed
Full learning program
Social online learning experience How the lesson looks like? All the pictures are made using Nikon Cameras, lens and other Nikon equipment will be mentioned during lessons There could be even more branded content Mentioning equipment used in the examples Showing equipment during the lessons Messages in blog Theory
with... ..illustrations and.. ..examples followed.. ..by practical tasks. Screen recordings Pictures By using... all of them will be merged into What is PhotoFondue? How do we see cooperation between PhotoFondue and Nikon? lets answer two questions! Video material Stop motion Online photography school, providing
full courses and comprehensive
learning experience. Strengthen Nikon online presence in Lithuania People without strong brand preferences, would be more likely to buy Nikon, after finishing PhotoFondue courses. What could be benifits for Nikon? What could be benifits for PhotoFondue? ? What would
you give in
exchange of
that? Contact us:
tautvydas.gylys@gmail.com What would you give in exchange? This is a second school
we are creating Anglu24.lt is an online school for english learners. The growth of site is provided above We expect the similiar growth pattern for photofondue
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