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I did this for Computer Application.

Jordyn Stephen

on 17 May 2013

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Transcript of Softball

Softball Infield positions: Main Equipment bat Countries That Play Softball Russia
United States
A few African American countries. Pitcher- throws the ball to the catcher, and is in the middle of the field
Catcher- on its knees behind the batter
First- the first base you go to after you hit the ball
Second- after first base
Shortstop-in between second & third
Third- the last base to home plate. glove shorts Jordyn Stephen
Comp App 4 Even
4-24-13 Bat Shorts Jersey Cleats History of Softball In 1887, George Hancock invented Softball. It was first known as "Indoor baseball". First Game Of Softball In the first game of softball, a broom was the bat, and a boxing glove was the ball. The game was on Thanksgiving Day of 1887. It was played in the gym of Farragut Boat Club. Softball first became known in U.S. by different names such as kitten ball, mush ball, and diamond ball.
In 1930, softball finally got its name. Softball started because of football. It was also played bare hand. Fastpitch Softball Facts/Rules: Pitching and defense usually wins games.
There's a chalked circle around the pitcher with a 5 feet diameter.
If the pitcher has the ball and runner steps off of the base, runners out. Slowpitch Softball Facts/Rules: No stealing
No lead offs
Pitches must be between 6-12 feet or it's considered a ball. George Hancock At the time he was a reporter for Chicago Board Of Trade.
Hancock and his friends made up the game.
He was in Chicago when the first game was played. Outfield Positions Right field- in between first and second but in the grass and backs up first baseman.
Center field-behind second and backs up second baseman.
Left field- between second and third and backs up third Olympics In 1966, fastpitch softball became an olympic sport.
United States got gold three times and silver once.
There was eight nations participating. Team You must work together & cheer each other on.
Act as family.
Respect your team mates, although you may not like them all. Respect your team mates.
Cheer each other on.
Good sportsmanship. Use good sportsmanship.
Respect them as family.
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