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Sexting is the act of sharing photos and videos of oneself or others nude or half nude through text.

Julia Lu

on 10 June 2010

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Transcript of Sexting

Sexting Sexting is the act of sharing sexually explicit photos or videos through text. Has been around since 2005
Some cases of Sexting: In january 2009, 6 teens were faced Child pornography charges after 3 girls send half-nude photos of themselves to 3 male classmates. Another case: A teenage girl sent nude pictures of herself to her ex-boyfriend. The pictures started circulating around the school as an act of revenge by the boyfriend after the two gotten into a fight.
Importance and Consequences It is important to know about because teens our age and up are sexting. Sexting will ruin your reputaion, get you in jail or worse. The issue should be addressed to people through attention brought from the media with examples of past cases, which will demonstrate to them how serious the consequences can be.
Some facts~ Youtube~ http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=4723169n Dangers Of Teen 'Sex-ting'
In a survey from 2008, 20 % of teens and young adults have sent nude or half-nude pictures of themselves electronically and 39 % of teens and 59 % of young adults, have actually sent sexually implied text messages
Newer technology such as camera's and phones enriched sexting and allows people to sending pictures and videos to one another with faster connection
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