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squirrel facts yay!

facts about squirrels with a funny video at the end

ian lineberry

on 28 September 2013

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Transcript of squirrel facts yay!

eye of the squirrel
squirrel facts!
there are over 365 squirrel species all around the world.The smallest squirrel is the pigmy squirrel its only 5 inches and 13 centimeters if you look at the
bottom you can see were all
squirrels live. The indian giant
squirrel can grow up to three feet
and also they are omnivores so yes
there are some squirrels who are
crazy enough to eat each other

more facts!
the oldest known squirrels are the gray squirrel and the tree squirrel the tree squirrel is extremely special it is one of only animals who learned how to coexist with humans its able to live off of handouts and natural foods the next squirrel has been roaming this earh for 50 million years!
who is he?correct! the gray squirrel it lives in North America and always has been how do they know well they found a fossil the other year,now im sure your all wondering
where did the name squirrel come from well
it all started in greece skiouros skia meaning shade and oura meaning tail so combined equals "one who sits in the shadow of its tail" centuries later the french named it esquirel and then peopel got bored of saying esquirel and changed it to squirrel
goofy squirrel rap time!!!!
as you already know there are 365 squirrel species but did you know that they are split into 7 groups the most common groups are ground squirrel,tree squirrel,and the flying squirrel pretty cool right another awesome thing about squirrels is the way they mark their territorys now i know your all giggeling thinking they do it like cats and dogs and urinate on everything but no they have sweat glands hay like us except theirs are on their feet and when they get hot they sweat on their land to mark it another way to trigger their sweat glands is to get exited well thats all for now hope you enjoyed my prezi! wait no im not done still have a video for the ones who didnt fall asleep
Mr rogers
many would know him as a host of a pbs show mister rogers neiborhood but only a few knew him as the
navy seal with tattoos on his arms thats the reason he wore sweaters all the time on the show this kind man was born march 20 1928 and died february 27 2003 first guy to say how old mister rogers was gets what evers in my pocket mister nottingham can answer too [street rools so that means calculaters] thats all for now
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