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Self Love by Thomas Hobbes

No description

Gabriel Llivichuzhca

on 16 September 2013

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Transcript of Self Love by Thomas Hobbes

Self Love by Thomas Hobbes
What is it about?
The story begins with an explanation of animals and the two motions they perform.
Humans also present motions but in this case its called Endeavor

Should people have control of other people?
Hobbes says that men need security and that some men cant get it themselves and prefer to be controlled by someone else (a government)
1. Natural

2. Voluntary Motions
Animals perform vital motions that most of the time they have no control over. (ex. breathing, digestion, blood flow)
Voluntary Motions
Voluntary motions include moving, speaking and other active, directed, often caused by what is seen or heard.
Endeavor is described in two different components: Appetite and Aversion

Appetite is the endeavor associated with desire and love.

Aversion is the endeavor of not yearning something associated with hate.
Contempt is described as a the state of not having neither appetite or aversion for
ex. food, people, or places.
Endeavors can be a born instinct or something that was developed by
through experiences man distinguishes good, evil or that something is contemptible.
And now that man is able to say what he hates and what he loves. Man can form a life around the things he loves and attempt to avoid the things he hates
Simple Enough
All men are created equal
Good is any object of a mans appetite or desire.

Evil is the object of hate and aversion.
when two man desire the same but they cant both enjoy it they become enemies
Endeavor = Destroy or subdue one another.

"But there are many places where they live so now. For the savage people in many places of America, except the government of small families, the concord whereof dependeth on natural lust, have no government at all; and live at this day in that brutish manner, as I said before. Howsoever, it may be perceived what manner of life there would be, where there were no common power to fear, by the manner of life, which men that have formerly lived under a peaceful government, use to degenerate into a civil war."
i think that according this section in the reading, Hobbes suggests that, it doesn't matter if you are in a "modern society" there are already preset rights and wrongs, just and unjust.
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