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Shy'm 2.0

No description

Brianna Williams

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of Shy'm 2.0

Song Presentation
by Brianna Monique Williams Femme de couleur by Shy'm About Shy'm
En français et en anglais Born in Trappes, France
Son anniversaire est le 28 novembre
Elle a 28 ans
Sa mère est métropolitaine
Son père est martiniquais (French Caribbean)
Her true name is Tamara Marthe
Finished her studies at 17
In Paris, she sent demos to recording labels and the rapper K. Maro discovered her En savoir plus sur Shy'm
en anglais She was featured in K. Maro's song "Histoire de Luv"; he's known for mixing French lyrics with English lyrics; in the song she sang in French
Her first album: Mes Fantaisies, was written and produced by K. Maro, and recorded in Montréal, Cananda (where the rapper is from)
Some of her hits are "Victoire", "Oublie-moi", and "T'es parti" The Meaning Behind
Shy'm Son pseudonyme Shy'm vient de « shy » qui signifie « timide » en anglais et du M de Martinique.

It's a pseudonym, combining the english word "shy" and the letter "M" for Martinique.

The reason why: when she was younger the idea of being on stage terrified her! She suffered from severe stage fright, but she conquered her fear to pursue her passions of singing and dansing. Now she loves to throw herself into the limelight before a crowd. Un peu plus sur Shy'm Femme de couleur The following link will reveal the lyrics in French and English. Be forewarned there could be errors. Her first single "Femme de couleur" was released in 2006
She has released four albums since her first
Recently she released Caméléon (2012), which hit #1 on the charts
In 2012, she won NRJ Music Awards: Female Artist of the Year
She repeated the title this year
She also won 'Danse avec les stars', in November 19, 2011
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